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…first the wine delivery, then the final presents ordered online, then Royal Mail – great, I got my P45.

I’ll definitely go back, it’s a complete change of scene and quite refreshing – not sure if my love affair with Selfridges will continue

After an hour with a recruitment consultancy, meeting two great people who I hope will be able to nudge me in the right direction, it was time to pace the pavements of Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street and Regent Street to walk off the effects of a very strong coffee and kill time before the […]

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It’s going to be a fight to just get through the door in these tough times, let alone bag a job.

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News I’m hearing is that job offers are being retracted, I’ve heard from more than one person, including a recruiter, that people have left great jobs only to be made redundant by the company they are meant to be joining before they’ve even rocked up on the first day. I’ve never heard that in my career before and it’s bloody scary.

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On the worrying subject of unemployment, the true barometer is having a look on the jobs boards – a dead cat bounce? Last week 800, then up to 829, now down to 749, in less than a week – what the hell is going on? There are 240 jobs in my linkedin search – none relevant bar one which is supposedly exclusive to Linkedin but I’ve already applied for it and been ignored through another jobs board. I’m going to have to nix this flu and get out and meet people.

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Next, online Christmas present shopping – thanks Amazon – I got the best deals on everything there having compared, apple store, argos and tesco. An iPod (£15 cheaper than elsewhere), Sony Vaio, Nintendo Wii and Wii fit (great bundle), along with a bunch of other Christmas goodies were ordered. Then the pain. My card was refused six times. I called the HSBC fraud prevention department, it was a total ‘Computer says no’ experience. They said my transactions had been picked up as unusual and therefore refused. I went back to Amazon and tried my card again when they told me it would work, but it didn’t, so I said they should stay on the phone while I put the transaction through.

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I’m still bargain hunting online for Christmas stuff but overwhelmed by choice – why don’t they make web sites which just have really limited collections instead of an infinite inventory?

Yep – crawling the walls, visitors don’t come near when you’re infectious. I haven’t left the house for 24hrs – I’ve definitely got flu so my weekend has been totally nixed. My glad rags are still hanging in the wardrobe as I’ve had to cancel all this weekends parties. Damn, I was looking forward to […]

Friday, freezing, got a cold and feeling totally sorry for myself. Finally I have one acknowledgement of my application – hysterical – I had to cut and paste my wacky SMCV into a web page, so it ended up as text and no links survived the journey!!! So I will wait, wait, wait to hear […]

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I know I’m beat when my Bejewelled2 scores are below par on…it’s been a very long day.  One job opp came up – way below the money I would expect but I’m going to check it out. Then the company I have been keeping my eye on for the last two years has just […]

Okay, okay, I should be knocking on doors and ringing bells, making phone calls and typing letters, licking stamps, playing knock down ginger, anything, just anything to get a new job. But in this age of the hyper -real, none of the old school ways seem to work.  I remember once working my way through […]

Wake up, ugh, Monday.  Check my fakeberry – email overload, inbox is now full.  It’s Monday, can I be bothered to get up?  How much have I got to do?  Is Miniminx awake yet?  Of course not!  So, do I head to the office and work hard all day in my outgoing role(?!) or do […]

Then my focus sharpened and as he walked off, I could only feel sorry for myself – yep, I’m the single Mum from your office who is soon to be unemployed I thought…and part of me felt, oh my god, he was probably thinking – oh no, there’s that single Mum from the office who just got let go…

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Oh gosh, I have discovered that the jobs boards are now syndicated whereas before they were independent which means that everyone, everywhere has the same jobs, from the same recruiters and it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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