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The minx sinks a bit…
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A most bizarre week which mixed karaoke, school christmas fairs, a party, a friends’ first born arriving and sadly, a funeral.  Many highs and a dull, resounding low. It’s strange how sad news can stop you in your tracks.  But you have to carry on, even if it’s on autopilot.

I had a chance meeting with a colleague – or soon to be former colleague – at the supermarket just now, which spelled out my situation without hardly a word being spoken.  Loading up my shopping trolley with enough goods to get through a nuclear winter, I sidestepped a man with a buggy and swiftly apologised as my daughter had pranged him with our trolley.  ‘Hello’ he said and there was a time delay before I recognised him.  I was on a mad dash round Sainsbury’s before early Sunday closing, his face was out of context – casual clothes, stubble  and a pushing a baby instead of clean shaven and suited – then the penny dropped, aah, he works on my floor at the office ‘Hi’ I said back.  Then my focus sharpened and as he walked off, I could only feel sorry for myself – yep, I’m the single Mum from your office who is soon to be unemployed I thought…and part of me felt, oh my god, he was probably thinking – oh no, there’s that single Mum from the office who just got let go…

Hmmm, I’m obviously emotionally overwraught and tired after a big loss – I wouldn’t usually feel that way.  I’ll get another job, but once someone goes – I mean really goes, there’s just emptiness.  So this week is a jumble of highs and lows – very bitter sweet and I just have to go with the flow.  Who knows what to expect, when I checked my diary on Monday, I hadn’t planned to be going to a funeral on Friday. 

God bless her soul.  RIP BSB.  It was a pleasure to have known you.

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