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Still among the ranks for the unemployed, I’ve been waiting to hear on ‘news’. The ‘news’ being the result of my interview. Waiting is just the worst thing and especially when your future is a stake, it becomes the kind of wait that makes you clean your house inside out, iron and fold things, generally […]

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Aaaarghhh – it’s nearly 12.30 and I need my beauty sleep. So as I hit the pillow, perchance to dream or not, do wish me luck…I need it. I am experiencing serious butterflies and have come down with a cold so will be snivelling like a wretch…with a red nose (yes, a red nose is a bummer so I’m sure my dream has a deeper meaning). I’ve spent hours, if not days, preparing myself and now I can’t sleep a bit but I have to try otherwise it’s red nose and red eyes and possibly the red card.

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I’ve been away on a short and very fun filled break and just got back to this lovely award from fuelmyblog – thanks guys, I’m chuffed!

Hello you thrifters and penny pinchers, welcome to the Credit Crunchista Carnival.

This surely is frugaletarianism at it’s absolute best, happy reading.

Thank heavens I took off my Amy Winehouse wig before I answered the door…actually, hang on a minute, maybe I should have just kept it on and screamed ‘Blaaaaaaaaaaaake Incaaaaaa-arse-errated’ …that would have stopped her in her tracks.

Raise your eyebrows (if you can) this isn’t one of those too proud/too scared ‘botox’ diatribes. But it is fuelled by the tiniest bit of envy, plenty of fear and loathing and more than a touch of outright morbid curiosity.

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Thanks everyone for your well wishing and good luck messages, please keep them coming and I’ll owe you one! I really need to keep my hair on and not crack open the bubbly yet, therefore I shall be watching and rewatching this video every time I get over excited…. And why you may ask? I […]

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Alas, this story of my job hunt has less twists and turns than the M1. I’ve become more of a caravan on the hard shoulder than the Porsche in the fast lane. And not for the want of trying, as you can see from my older posts, I’ve been trying to get a foot in the door at lots of places. But still, it’s hard not to think ‘Why me?’.

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Sometimes I think there is a greater power. Take this; we have started to get so sick of the hideous morning news full of carnage and mayhem. So, I know I shouldn’t have, but when the news came on the radio about a plane crash, I looked at Miniminx and she was about to start […]

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Yes, yes, yes, everyone is doling out credit crunch savings tips like there’s no tomorrow but who’s doing it with style, panache and elegance (pronounce: ay-lay-gants please!)?

There’s more to life than Aldi and Lidl, which is why I am hosting the best and most luscious budget blogs here soon…so please join me and make it happen!

Email me with your Credit Crunchista Carnivale title and send me your posts, with a link.

Pop your lip gloss (with the lid up) in hot water for 5 minutes and it magically melts to the bottom of the tube and gives you lots more wear.

It’s a sign of the times, I’ve given up the ghost and I’ve had enough of shopping!!! There are two things I still need in my credit crunch arsenal; a good le Creuset set and a giant pasta saucepan (hopefully for cooking and not pan handling). Otherwise, I’m in the market for nothing; nada, nil, […]

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I’m now not – sorry for the inconvenience

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Weren’t the Noughties meant to be all about being naughty and a hedonistic wealth fueled follow on from the really naughty 90s? So how come I caught myself looking in a charity shop window the other day? I was drawn to a natty pair of high heeled hardly worn shoe boots on display, and then […]

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Being out of work is any oxymoron – I’m am actually working very hard to get a job even though the KPIs below amount to failure. Maybe I should just do nothing…and wait A year ago this would have been an adventure and I would have had  five or so face to face interviews by […]

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This operatic rendition of what I can only describe as the universal language of Mums

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