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London, the ghost town, going down the pan…

It’s a sign of the times, I’ve given up the ghost and I’ve had enough of shopping!!!

There are two things I still need in my credit crunch arsenal; a good le Creuset set and a giant pasta saucepan (hopefully for cooking and not pan handling). Otherwise, I’m in the market for nothing; nada, nil, zero, diddly squat.

Do you know what that means to me? I’m not imagining cosy suppers and tipsy nights. My champagne quaffing days are done and dusted and there’s no more eating out – I’ll be at home making pot luck suppers for waifs and strays and why? Because cash is king no more, and I can’t fight off the harbingers of doom any longer. I’m fricking skint.

More Mother of our time than child, I’m the living, breathing embodiment of the credit crunch. Having to shelled out this month’s essential outgoings today, without a penny coming in, I’m shaken up no end.

But it’s not just at home, it’s everywhere you look – it’s sprung from the newspapers and into the real world. I’ve had two trips to town this week (meaning Soho and Covent Garden) and I’ve not ventured into any shops. Probably because most of them are shut! The sight of the massive Nine West on the Piazza was startling – with it’s Spring Collections posters in the windows, I expected a showcase of the latest hot-to-trot heels but instead the lights were off and nobody home. In fact, apart from a crocodile of exchange students all lined up with their backpacks and notebooks, WC2 was tumbleweed central.

And this ghost town is coming too soon. I have to admit to a touch of schadenfreude at seeing Estate Agent offices with a ‘Lease for Sale’ sign outside. And I had envisaged Woolworths would close because of a long history of problems, just like the other old world brand, Blockbuster, in the news today because of problems, but again, that’s another outmoded business model, and it will start closing on March 8 (Shepherds Bush store to shut).

What’s worrying me more is the rate of speed of these closures and the gaping holes that are left in the high street. My fishmonger has closed; my favourite bistro on the high road; Westfield has just announced losses running into billions…

I’m really starting to feel the pinch and while I can’t afford to shop at the warp speed I used to, I’ll be heartbroken if I can’t even window shop anymore…and so will those who lost their jobs even more.

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5 Comments to “London, the ghost town, going down the pan…”

  1. I agree. It really is very depressing to see so many shops closing and being bordered up. And to think of all the people who have now lost their jobs. It’s a worrying time for many people. Hopefully things will pick up in the not too distant future.

    • admin says:

      If you look at you can see that some shops didn’t make it through the first 6 weeks at Westfield – the great big mall that will become a white elephant….

  2. Nicola says:

    Shops are shutting left, right and centre here in Chicago too. I happened to drive past one of my fav deli’s yesterday (because they used to sell exotic European delicacies like Digestives and Crunchies and the odd Curly Wurly) and it was gone. And I have no cash to shake a stick at either – so depressing. Right now I have about 50quid to last me the next week and have to buy petrol and food. But I have to say, simplifying my life and my spending has been fairly cathartic. Not totally cathartic tho, *sigh

    • admin says:

      I love Curly Wurlies, doo you want me to send you some?

    • Sajeevks says:

      Amazing piece & I ttllaoy agree. I’m really looking forward to it opening from a consumers point of view (and for the Look Show…very excited about that)… but I’m equally embarrassed that Westfield seems to be completely ignoring its new neighbourhood. xx

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