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Any dream will do…
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Oh gosh, I’m a great dreamer and last night, I dreamt that I had gone for a job interview and ran down the road screaming rather ecstatically;


The weirdest thing was, I knew I hadn’t got the job but I left the interview room on a real high and shouted it from the rooftops – bizarre to say the least. They call it ‘wish fulfilment’.

Needless to say, as in any absurd dream, and I have a lot of them, things take on a rather surreal touch.  Unlike my teenage dreams of appearing on stage having not learned my script (that was always recurrent before exams), or even those other ones of sitting on the loo in public places, this time I was cavorting in a very red short dress…not a good look for me right now, so I see this as a warning; I will not, I repeat not, be wearing anything red to my next interview. 

Having studied Jung and Freud does this mean I’m not reddy (sic) or am I falling short, is this the bums rush? 

On the other hand, even though I thought I looked rather good (how come you can always see yourself in dreams, I just don’t get it) – it fell nothing short of bare faced cheek, am I going to embarass myself and leave redfaced…I’m cringeing already.

Yes, I know, my dreams are just like my everyday life, full of insouciance and double entendres…fa-nah fa-nah fa-nah.

Aaaarghhh – it’s nearly 12.30 and I need my beauty sleep. So as I hit the pillow, perchance to dream or not, do wish me luck…I need it. I am experiencing serious butterflies and have come down with a cold so will be snivelling like a wretch…with a red nose (yes, a red nose is a bummer so I’m sure my dream has a deeper meaning). I’ve spent hours, if not days, preparing myself and now I can’t sleep a bit but I have to try otherwise it’s red nose and red eyes and possibly the red card.

I have a put a lot of time into a very minimalist presentation and I have 15 minutes to convince these lovely people I’m the lady for the job…

Maybe dreams can come true – aaaah aaah, any dream will do…

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3 Comments to “Any dream will do…”

  1. Keep dreaming, they WILL come true.

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  2. It has to be a positive sign. Keep going!

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