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Working none-to-five…
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Still among the ranks for the unemployed, I’ve been waiting to hear on ‘news’.

The ‘news’ being the result of my interview. Waiting is just the worst thing and especially when your future is a stake, it becomes the kind of wait that makes you clean your house inside out, iron and fold things, generally do anything to distract yourself and keep busy and of course, gaffer tape your mobile to your leg so you don’t miss the ‘call’.

So I heard, and first it was luke warm news but with an exciting twist. Perhaps there was another newly created role which would work for me – would I be interested? I bought into this 100% as it was a far more exciting proposition and I was up on the moon for a while.

As calls came and went, this turned into a red hot fireball which then unexpectedly blew up in my face. So now the cold tap is attached to the garden hose and drenching me so to speak. What a day, and it’s not even 6pm. I’m just plain old keeling over.

Not sure where to turn now. It seems I’m more likely to win the lottery than get a job. I’m going to really, really panic for now and take stock when I’ve calmed down a bit – so probably by tomorrow I’ll be back at it. I had my hopes up and now they’re dashed again.

What’s a girl to do?

Well, I shall be drinking red wine tonight (if the head cold allows) and mouthing along to my karaoke (can’t upset the neighbours can I?).

And tomorrow, as Scarlett says, is another day…and how lucky I went down the garden centre to buy some seeds for a vegetable patch, perhaps they’ll keep us fed over the coming Summer months….

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6 Comments to “Working none-to-five…”

  1. Oh, I am really sorry to hear it didn’t work out. I am sure you will get something soon.

    Recessionista’s last blog post..In Style 100 top beauty buys – get Dermalogica on a Budget

  2. Sorry it didn’t work out. Hope things turn around soon.

    Coding Mamma (Tasha)’s last blog post..Children are the great levellers

    • admin says:

      Thanks, I hope so too, have to admit to feeling a bit down in the mouth about it all right now, but will have to brush my self off, pick myself up and start all over again…

  3. Nicola says:

    What idiots. They are obviously several sandwiches short of a picnic not to employ the marvellous you. But you know what this means? That something truly MARVELLOUS is around the corner. The universe has much more exciting, wonderous plans for you…promise (and so sorry it didn’t work out this time round, cos that would have been smashing)

    Nicola’s last blog post..Xena: Warrior Bug Princess

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