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Thanks to Violet Posy, I’m now part of the meme gang. It happens that Kate Morris has recently started blogging on Blogger and asked that people volunteer.

House rules of the meme. Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag 8 people and so on.

I have to tip my hat to those ladies at mumsrock. They really add an urban edge to Motherhood and I love it. The site is well laid out, the editorial is bang on and basically it’s pretty fearless – which I love even more. I recently wrote an article for them on my on […]

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Do you ever have those really smug mornings? When you think you can take on any challenge and pull it off with panache and aplomb? In my household they mean one thing – something is definitely not quite right – in fact, it’s usually just the eye of the hurricane.

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If travel doesn’t broaden the mind, it certainly widens the eyes. This has been a great and adventurous Easter holiday. We went to visit friends in Brighton for a couple of days and then, after deciding it was time to make a longheld dream of mine come true, we went to Florence. Arriving at Pisa […]

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So I believe that Britain has a huge wealth of creative talent. Who cares where we find it, how it embodies itself and why we love it. It’s just a people thing, we don’t need to explain ourselves. So critics, savants, moguls, svengalis; save the bitching for backstage and get the performance right and we may, once more, appear on the world stage, if not just the UK.

Ladies and gents, if your Easter Sunday gets too much don’t worry. When everyone hits the chocolate high from too many eggs, you may start to feel the exasperation of being chained to the kitchen and that irksome feeling when the champagne runs dry. Fear not, just remember this clip from Women on the Verge of A Nervous Breakdown.

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I am working today. At a company. Getting paid. In shock.

‘Wasdrobe’ is my new name for what was my work wardrobe. It came to me as I opened up the white doors to find something to wear for my child-free bout of weekend socialising. I rifled through the rails marvelling at all this smart stuff I haven’t worn for months and had a small but perfectly formed revelation. A very obvious and great divide had evolved….

I love this brave new world of all things webby. Not least because it provides a coherent link from the past to the present and, I hope, the future… A few months back, I posted a recipe which I love to use, Grandma’s Groovy Flapjack. It has proved very popular, not least because it’s simple, […]

You know me, I’m always at a loose end these days but I do manage to keep myself pretty busy. So today’s ‘job’ was to get back to basic communication and create a flyer and publicise my ‘Lost’ notice to my neighbours and use some good old fashioned door to door leafleting.

It’s amazing, once Spring has sprung, there’s a feeling of new and natural energy that seems to invigorate the days. It’s so uplifting – the low light of the Winter Sun softens the harsh aspect that makes my eyes water in the early morning (another reason to keep the sunnies on for the school run) […]

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