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Good day sunshine…
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It’s amazing, once Spring has sprung, there’s a feeling of new and natural energy that seems to invigorate the days. It’s so uplifting – the low light of the Winter Sun softens the harsh aspect that makes my eyes water in the early morning (another reason to keep the sunnies on for the school run) – and there’s even a touch of warmth when you stand in the sunshine. The days are longer, mornings brighter and the birds are bringing morning cheer (a little too early for me I have to admit, but at least they drown out the overhead din from Heathrow).

This time of year really appeals to the inner kid in me, I happily wake up in the morning, throw open the curtains and check the garden for signs of new beginnings. Ooh, a bluebell here, are the daffs out? Wonderful magnolia blooms are appearing overnight, my favourite pink cherry blossom is eclipsed by the dazzling apple white tree dressing and soon we will be treated to a carpet of petals on the pavement. It will quickly become a sickly petalled slush but it heralds the long season of budding fruits that will take nearly six months to ripen and fall and Summer to me is half a year long really.

While it’s been a sick bay at Casa Nixd these past few days, today with the sun shining, it was time to get out the peat pots and set about planting our own home grown crops. Spurred on by yesterday’s fabulous images of Scarlett and her carrot scoffing, I am convinced I can go at least one better. So after a few hours of piddling about with seeds and peat, in seven days we should have carrot, cucumber and tomato seedlings which will keep us in salad all Summer.

Ever the optimist, last week I took a few days in the garden to get it all straight, just in case I would be back in an office. But I’m not going to be, so I’ll be zenning out in the garden even more. I haven’t done this in years and it’s a very nostalgic revival of my distant memories of gardening as a child. I’d spend hours with my Mum planting seeds and watching them grow into outlandishly coloured blooms. While I hated the Wallflowers (hideous moniker for a flower) and the Nasturtiums ( covered in blackfly and all sticky), anything else I didn’t like I would sneakily colour with my poster paints once the blossoms were out and was convinced they would grow back with my new and improved colour scheme the following year. Needless to say, child years are like grown up decades so I’d always forget when planting time came around again.

Miniminx was out of her sick bed long enough today to potter around the garden and we became a green fingered team. She even de-slugged one of the big pots we were using (we put them in the garden recycling). I was quite impressed but she drew the line when a rather large slug popped its eyes out on stalks and she delegated the task to me.

I’m doing extreme lawncare this year. I shall not be peering over the neighbours’ fences and ogling their green lawns, I’m going as emerald green as I can possibly go (I should have kept those poster paints). Call it staving off every kind of envy or just my willingness to be a contradiction in terms…the grass is going to be greener on my side of the fence this year. I’ve mowed, weeded, fed, reseeded and watered the lawn and I’m waiting on the results.

With my elderly geraniums killed off by the snowfall, I’ve potted another new load with promise to bloom a wonderfull pillar box red. I’ve replanted my lavender and bluebells and two little Christmas trees which I’m hoping will grow throughout the year so we can have them inside this Yule. There’s also have new herb pots – cooking will be an aromatic delight forever more.

Next, we will have a cacophony of colour. I’ve planted some lurid, aromatic plant seeds with exotic names which should be in bloom by May and last until September.

Another sign of Spring vitality, a hatched and detached egg sat in the midst of the lawn but no chick in sight. And now it’s April, I’m hoping our tortoise is going to reappear out of hibernation – she disappeared after going walkabout in the Autumn and we’re convinced she is curled up asleep and ready to wake up again soon.

We’re quite keen on getting some chickens as well – but maybe that’s for the out of town garden and we do have foxes so I doubt they’d last long. I’m like a kid with a new toy, gardening is a great new thing. But as far as the good life goes, I’m not sure how far it’ll go…cups and saucers in the front garden? Where on earth would we put the recycling?

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