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Britain's got talent….
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Ummm, are we quite sure about that ladies and gentlemen? As we head towards the latest series of dumbing up television, I’m glad to be leaving the country for a short break to avoid the temptation of tuning in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to laugh like a loon at the early auditions on these manufactured talent-scout shows. And I often get bored as the entrants are honed down to just a few. Deep down I know that I would never even make it past the auditions but there is something about these programmes that makes me gag.

When the first Big Brother was broadcast, it intruded into my life because I could hear the crowds and see the fireworks from the final show from where I lived. I never got hooked, but I confess to watching CBB because, well, they get paid a lot to play up to the cameras and these professionals know the ropes no matter how wayward they are.

But forgive my rant, what I am wondering right now is; does Britain have any talent?

Reality TV shows that boo off any sign of nouse
The Apprentice
Dragon’s Den

Hmmm, are we just tearing down these people who are willing to have a go?

There’s the case of civil servants getting £250 on top of their salaries just to get to the office because it snowed….

And Jacqui Smith’s cute expense claim of well over £150,000. Bath plug aside, what’s the deal here, is it anything other than a champagne socialist bonanza?

And then we get hit with this Guido Fawkes self aggrandisement malarky, it’s not clear to me who he sides with except himself….he’s hardly the Banksy of politics is he?

But let’s not even get started on the Bolshevik backstabbing wars among the graffiterati raging as I write.

We have become a nation of nihilists. I’m sick of the whole thing right now. It seems to me that England exists on a diet of scandal and debaclism. Can’t we just give it a rest?

Only last year Britain’s Got Talent had a whiff of conning the public, and now it’s back in a massive puff of publicity – give it a few weeks and it’ll soon be tainted.

I hear Simon Cowell is taking a wage cut, do I care? And Parkinson takes a swipe at Jade Goody now that she can no longer answer, do I wonder? The Wire is the biggest drama to hit our tv screens ever – do I question why British drama is failing? I despair when great entertainers like Matthew Horne collapse under stress, especially when I’ve enjoyed watching their shows. But I love watching the Simpsons and wonder, where’s our homegrown sense of humour gone? Who is bouying up these people? The Boat That Rocked is a prime example of how our inventive natures survive, but in the current economic and political climate, it’s just not feasible.

It is soul destroying to look into these things deeply, we are a nation of greying twits and the younger generation is getting beaten down by ridicule in the media. No, scrub that, the media just beats everyone up here.

So I believe that Britain has a huge wealth of creative talent. Who cares where we find it, how it embodies itself and why we love it. It’s just a people thing, we don’t need to explain ourselves. So critics, savants, moguls, svengalis; save the bitching for backstage and get the performance right and we may, once more, appear on the world stage, if not just the UK.

I leave you now with a whiff of the Might Boosh…oh hang on a minute, embedding disabled by request from the BBC. So there you have it, we’re in a walled garden and like two year olds, we can’t share anymore, just keep it to ourselves. Nuff said, roll on tomorrow. Go and buy your Sunday papers and hoover up the catcalls of the so called critical geniuses that roam our media outlets in good old Blighty…and prove them wrong by forming your own opinions.

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4 Comments to “Britain's got talent….”

  1. Glad I have fouund another fan of “The Wire” I don’t know anyone else who has watched it. My husband refused to, because it would be too much to watch and he can’t stand anything that goes beyond 3 episodes (unless it is re-runs of Fools & Horses or Porridge!).
    As for Parky slagging off Jade, I was pretty disgusted really, I would rather he kept his mouth shut, I have lost all respect for him, not because I was a big Jade fan (even though I cried when she died)but just because as you say, she isn’t here to stand up for herself. Ok enough moaning – lets get to the Chocolate and lets hope Parky is thinking of Jades little boys today and how they tragically lost their Mum – Bastard! Oh by the way is it right The Wire wasn’t on on Friday? Is my Sky+ buggered?

    Recessionista’s last blog post..Designer Sunglasses at £59 & Premium denim from £62 DVB Victoria Beckham range

    • admin says:

      I saw it the other night, goes no for hours doesn’t it? Had a brilliant Easter Sunday, how about you? Your blog’s looking dandy x

  2. A busy Easter entertaining, yesterday the outlaws and today my eldest daughter and her boyf along with my mum, but we not eating till 5, so chicken has just gone in.
    Taking my little man for a haircut, the arcade and a Mcdonalds tomorrow (he is easily pleased).
    The Wire is going to be all 5 series, night after night – can’t wait, shall be up at 6am tomorrow to watch tonights episode (can’t stay awake beyond 10pm when I am indoors!). Thanks the comments re blog, wasn’t sure you were talking to me, but guess you must have been! I had to check though! x
    Hope you and Miniminx have had a great Easter too! Are you back in office tomoz?

    Recessionista’s last blog post..An Easter spend up on wardrobe staples for a Recessionista!

  3. Here, Here!!! I hate that everyone talented in this country get’s put down immediately and aren’t even given a chance (Horne and Corden being the most recent example). Parky’s comment’s really pissed me off, he’s an overpaid non talent who’s been doing the same interview for the last 40 years. Jade wouldnt have given a crap thankfully, she knew what she was doing and who she was unlike him.

    Liz@VioletPosy’s last blog post..Small Space Entertaining

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