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Back to work…it all comes flooding back…(tears at the school gate)
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Do you ever have those really smug mornings? When you think you can take on any challenge and pull it off with panache and aplomb? In my household they mean one thing – something is definitely not quite right – in fact, it’s usually just the eye of the hurricane.

Take the time Miniminx had a school trip to the beach. With bucket and spade, wearing her very cute stetsun sunhat, carrying a bag with a swimming costume and all the associated beach paraphernalia, we walked to school. She actually skipped and sang ‘The sun had got his hat on.’ all the way. Lovely.

We arrived a bit early and bumped into the head master.

‘Good morning’ big cheesey grins all round.
‘Do you know where the coach is?’
‘Ummmm, coach? What coach…?’
‘For the trip today, the one for year 3.’
‘Ooooh, the trip.’ at this point I knew something was up
‘It’s next week’ Shit, shit, shit, what an idiot.

I covered my mouth with my hand and feigned coughing as a foil to the hysterical laughter I needed to quell. Two big blue eyes look up at me, one very cute mouth pouts and trembles. Cue big blobby sobs from Miniminx. Cue me cringeing all day at work. Two years later we can laugh about it together (I still laugh about it alone…what a meannie).

And then last month, we got back from Ibiza at midnight with Elizabethan Dress up Day at school in the morning. I got up early and made a paper ruff and dressed Miniminx in her garb. We got to school a few minutes late and had a peek into her classroom.
28 kids in white shirts and grey skirts sat on the carpet looking at the teacher.
Oh bugger….Miniminx gave me a silent howl and cue big blobby sobs.
Double bugger.

‘Ssssssh, they’ll hear you, let’s sneak out and get you home and changed.’

We ran home, I rang the school.

‘There’s no dress up day today, nothing in the diary sorry’

Confounded, I got her back into her uniform and then we hightailed it back to school. We got to the classroom and discovered that it actually was dress up day and the kids were getting changed after lunch. We had that instant Mother-daughter telepathy, locked eyes and shook our heads – the uniform was staying on for the rest of the day! I walked home for a medicinal coffee or four after two hours of behaving like a headless chicken – at least I didn’t have a job to go to.

And now, I’m back in the world of work. It’s a change and days are much more regimented. I woke up this morning to the alarm and got up after another cheeky few minutes sleep. I woke up little sleepyhead Miniminx and started the usual prework pick and pack malarky – lunch box, healthy snack, drinks, swim kit etc. Then I checked the time on my phone – surely it was nearing 8am. It was 6.20am. An extra 100 minutes were a bonus, so I decided (yes, very Doris Day of me) to do some baking. Raspberry and blackberry wheatfree muffins for breakfast and some flapjack for the lunchbox.
I even took a packed lunch to work for myself.
I even managed to get Miniminx in the bath and hairwashed BEFORE school.
With everything shipshape and ahoy, I booked a cab and we were out the door heading to school and Miniminx was ready to rock and roll at breakfast club.

We walked across the sunny playground, we smiled, we chatted. Miniminx waved at her friend. She stopped walking and looked at her friend again who was looking over at us curiously. Then she looked down. And so did I.

The horror.

We had both forgotten to put shoes on.

Miniminx became hysterical. I mean big sobbing blobs of tears all over my new dress, she was mortified.

‘I’m – wear – ing – flip -flops ! MUMMMMMMMMMMMM’
‘Whoopsy daisy, how did that happen?’
‘Darling, it’s too late to go home and change,’
‘I have to go home now’
‘Can’t you wear your PE shoes’
‘I don’t have them at schooooooooooooool’
‘Darling, it’s a genuine mistake, no one will tell you off.’

Into breakfast club we went – it’s like Ministry of Sound in the good old days, but for under 10s – but the poor little thing was inconsolable. We chatted, she calmed down and we said good bye.

I left the playground under a cloud and sporting a tear-stain pattern on my new dress. Shit.

When I picked her up, I asked how she’d got on with the flip flops and she told me she had borrowed someone else’s shoes and a pair of socks and it was all fine in the end.

There were lots of ladies wearing flip flops in the office today. I sat down at my new desk, I looked down at my feet, without a trace of smugness, thinking flip flip, flop flop…where’s the coffee, I’ve done a day’s work already.

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5 Comments to “Back to work…it all comes flooding back…(tears at the school gate)”

  1. Yummy Mammy says:

    Awwwww, bless. I do things like that all the time. This morning poor child was in the car and I spotted in my rear view mirror that her fringe was sticking out all over the place. I did my best to pat it down but it was having none of it. Poor child has now gone into school with a bit of a wild fringe look going on.

    Ah well, it’ll be alright tomorrow xx

    Yummy Mammy’s last blog post..Summer Lovin

  2. LOL!! I’m so pleased I’m not the only mother who does stuff like that. 2 years in a row, I’ve gotten the last day of term wrong and then forgotten all the teachers presents much to the disgust of my dd ;)

    Btw I’ve tagged you with a Meme if you feel like doing it? x

    Liz@VioletPosy’s last blog post..Meme of the day

    • admin says:

      Mmmm…that is sounding familiar….we need playground ASBOs. Would love to do a meme, if you let me know what to do I’ll be more than happy to oblige…x

  3. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Lol, I do stuff like that too. Last year I dropped Miss E at school and Miss M at Nursey wearing completely different shoes. I noticed as we waited on the playground. One was a flip flop, one a ballet pump. Nice. We should be proud we have the strength to live such things down.

    Jo Beaufoix’s last blog post..Disney World And My Bottom

    • admin says:

      Oh my, now that one is a cracker!!! I always love it when kids get shoes on the wrong feet – kind of wonky isn’t it? We had another close call yesterday, as I grabbed my bags to head out to work I noticed a school skirt on the sofa only to find my daughter running in from the doorstep aghast – she’d been chatting to a friend – wearing biker boots and tights, oblivious to her state of undress until she’d clocked another ‘strange look’ and glanced downwards – she thought it was very funny and it cracks me up every time I think about it…

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