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Thanks Tots 100 – Post into the sidebar…what side bar…? I'm only kidding
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I’m am so chuffed – in fact gobsmacked to be a new entry in the Top of the Pops (well Moms and Pops) – it’s brought back memories of me and my brothers and sisters (six of us, a veritable bratpack) dragging out the dressing up box on a Sunday night, sticking polystyrene cups wrapped in foil on the end of bamboo sticks and glamming up to sing the Top 40 to an audience of two screeching, coughing, choking and (looking back, I hope) laughing parents.

This is obviously a sign of my age – whatever happened to Top of the Pops, 45s (flexi-discs????), chart show run downs and seeing my brother (then 11) drag up in a shiny gold and orange number over his Leeds footie kit? Who knows.

I digress darlings, caught up in the flow of nostalgia, I’m neglecting to mention what has brought this all on. It’s the Tots 100.

Talking Tots Tots100

Thank you lovely ladies for this lovely present! I was advised to post this gift in the sidebar, but I don’t know what one is, well I do really, but you lucky buggers bloggers on typepad can do this I can’t on WordPress right now…and I’m a little bit confused too, because looking at the code I can’t enlarge it (if you saw my last post you know I’m not one to undersize my images).

So that’s a drat and double drat from me but I don’t care! I’m gobsmacked-blown-away-cheshire-cat-like-and-have-a-warm-fuzzy-feeling-all-over. And it’s made me think a bit more about my months of blogging.

So what’s the big deal? It’s a huge deal because blogging has become a true essential in my life, it’s an extra pair of hands in parenting.

I began at the very tail end of last year because I’d hit a big wall and been quite seriously credit crunched – a new job had sadly evaporated almost as the world economy crashed and burned and I was left facing January 2009 with apparently no hope. So there I was wondering where to go, what to do and how to keep busy and out of trouble.

Hmmm, oh well, I thought. Perhaps a blog would help keep me sane. So I started to write, a bit gingerly at first, a real scaredy cat, but then I got hooked. I had no expectations, I didn’t think anyone would even read it.

But guess what – it has kept me out of trouble, sane at times and even better, some lovely people have even taken the time to read it and speak to me. Wow!

I kid you not, if I was a psychologist, I would recommend it as therapy.

Blogging has been really given the thumbs down by a lot of people ‘in the know’ in the media, such as Janet Street Porter here slagging off all us child-laden saddoes who have a reason to live,  but they don’t understand the real reasons why people blog. It’s rather like the time when paste up designers refused to learn DTP. Failure to embrace the future means it will reject you. I’ve always loved Janet Street Porter’s work but I think this time she is wrong. I can’t wait for Janet Street Porter to start twittering and feel the noise – come on rise to the challenge!

Anway, back to those of us back at the ranch who put the kids off to bed and sound off in the 2.0-scope. Why oh why do we venture into this new and unknown territory? Perhaps it’s very much like parenting and we are all curious and want to hear about other people’s experiences. Well if you don’t, I certainly do, and I hear these reasons from blogging parentsall the time about why they do ;

1. Catharsis
What a great place to indulge that need to let out niggles, worries, wants, whatever it is in our lives, it’s better out than in!

2. A diary
I believe bloggers are journal writers. The most beautiful thing I ever read on a blog was that these blogs are ‘love letters to our children’ – so whoever wrote that, I’m sorry I can’t remember where I read it, but it is the most poignant and touching belief and a beautiful thing to define, so thank you…

3. A discipline
Blogging is a way of keeping addled minds on the straight and narrow – be it sleepless nights, unemployment, separation, forthcoming nuptials, long haul flights, ex-pat living, we all need to verbalise it, albeit online. Apparently, poetry helps to fend off depression, I truly believe that blogging has the same effect.

4. Connecting
I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that blogging would enrich my life the way it has. I’ve met interesting people, read great stories, had amazing conversations and feel that the other bloggers I connect with are interested people with a common goal – it’s not about business or self aggrandisement, we’re raising the next generation and all of us in very different circumstances but it’s a great new playing field we’re on and so much fun to boot. But that aside, it’s affirmed my Motherhood, flippant as I may be, being a single parent is no easy road but through blogging it seems easier.

So, while I’m still agog, and possibly sounding a little twee, I have to raise a toast (be it sliced brown Hovis or champagne) to all those others who have created this extraordinary new cultural phenomen. Here’s my shout out here (or rather post-bedtime whisper) and a big thank you to all of you who in the first instance reached out to me and gave me that little nudge, that kind comment and more than occasionally a huge laugh and also left me reaching for the tissues to either stem the eye watering laughter or the honesty of a bad experience that made me cry. I may not know you all so well but I just want to thank you for being there, that’s all

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Rosie Scribble
Potty Diaries
Jo Beaufoix
Dulwich Divorcee
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PS: I don’t take saccharine. I’m giving you all a cup of builders’ tea with two heaped spoons of Tate & Lyle, enjoy! Btw, tagging maybe a bit scraggy, sorry all x

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10 Comments to “Thanks Tots 100 – Post into the sidebar…what side bar…? I'm only kidding”

  1. Potty Mummy says:

    Thankyou NM; you’ve made me tear up… (and please, can I put in vote for a liquid toast rather than the brown wholemeal kind?)

    Potty Mummy’s last blog post..British Mummy Blogger of the Week

  2. Littlemummy says:

    Congratulations on your entry, great ideas about blogging too.

    Littlemummy’s last blog post..Disney Exclusive!: The Pirate League

  3. Would you like a bigger image? ;-)

    We’re delighted to have you in the index, and all the other great blogs, too. As to sidebars, we’re none-the-wiser, but we can send a bigger JPG for you to show off with, with pleasure!


    • admin says:

      Hello Lisa – don’t worry about it, I’m only kidding, I’m about to undergo a redesign which which include a cocktailbar glass display cabinet sideboard sidebar and I’ll be showing it off with pride! And thanks again for the honour.

  4. Glamumous says:

    Congratulations on your entry! I was really thrilled for you when I saw your entry as a newcomer in the updated Tots100 – well done!

    It was lovely to read about your experiences blogging so far. I’ve been at it for a while (mostly on my other blog) and after three years it’s actually helping financially in more ways than I imagined. Blogging seriously opens up doors, and if you carry on with this you’re sure to find out for yourself.

    I’m intrigued about you blogging with WordPress. Are you on (hosted) or self hosted and paying for your site? I’d assumed because of your domain name that you must be self-hosted (I know don’t allow HTML/Scripts to be added in the templates). Anyway, to cut a story short I have a few tips for blogging on a budget if you’re interested ;)

    Here’s to you, the Tots 100 and all the other British mums who’ve learned how great it is to blog [raises imaginary glass in toast!]

    Glamumous’s last blog post..Thrifty Ways for Modern Days – Book Review

  5. Yummy Mammy says:

    Must be the season for it, cause I’ve awarded you over at my place

    Yummy Mammy’s last blog post..Still Alive But I’m Barely Breathing

  6. You deserve it and your blog is fab. Fab, fab, fab.

    A Modern Mother’s last blog post..OMG! I love wireless printing

  7. That’s cause you’re fab and you totally deserve to be in the top 100!

    Have you got Widgets on your theme on WordPress – I can’t remember? If you have tweet me and I’ll send you the code of how to get it that icon in the side bar :)

    Liz@violetposy’s last blog post..Mini Monday Link Love

  8. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahhh thanks for the mention too. Your blog is fab and I love that people like JSP are getting their knickers in a twist about blogging and getting it sooooo wrong. Too funny. x

    Jo Beaufoix’s last blog post..Total Wig Out

  9. Nidminx, my dearest, thank you so much! I am deeply touched, and looking forward to a little something from your drinks cabinet, oops, sidebar xx

    Dulwich Divorcee’s last blog post..Miss Popular

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