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Miniminx is an IT girl…
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My daughter does a great impression of me using twitter…

She puts the laptop on her lap, wiggles her fingers over the keyboard, frowns, squints then makes a really evil honking/laughy noise (a bit like a donkey). Then she smugly hands me back my computer and looks at me like I’m a loony.

She says she hates twitter but she loves having a sneaky peak at Tweetdeck and seeing who is saying what. She just gets it, no fear, no technophobia – it’s all part of her world this social media-2.0-thingummmybob-stuff.

I wonder what kind of technologies will be around when she is my age. Possibly robots? Everything ‘smart’ and hopefully eco friendly – zipping around like the Jetsons?

But I digress. This week I took it upon myself to stop doing everything in a frenzy and teach Miniminx some basic skills – how to make a Ribena that doesn’t rot teeth, how to make a Crusha milkshake without spilling any milk, how to load a dishwasher and then I left her to her own devices to load a software programme…she did it but sadly the software was out of date. I showed her how to search for an update for it online, just as I would try and teach her about looking for something in a supermarket. It’s strange that something so complicated has now become incredibly simple. She’s a computer native.

It struck me the other day while all this was going on that while we are avid readers in our house, the new literacy is computer literacy. We have gadgets coming out of our ears and I’ve sadly got to admit that I’m the one who is occasionally confounded while my daughter is a natural.

I grew up around computers – hundreds of them; oscillators, a garage stuffed full of circuit boards, and I was occasionally allowed to blow them up play on them. But it never seemed to have any real link with life, it was all about boffins and sci fi – not really mainstream, but look at us all now. Mad-fer-it on mobiles, Wii, iPods, iPhones – iThis iThat…. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that one day I would be writing a blog, for the whole world to see.

What will we all be doing in 50 years? I hope it’s not going to be like Forbidden Planet, that used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid…I’m going to have to go for a lie down my brain has crashed.

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6 Comments to “Miniminx is an IT girl…”

  1. Rebel Mother says:

    Great post. The Jetsons was good – I used to love watching that – that Forbidden Planet is freaky! In fifty years time heaven know’s what we’ll be up to. Lets hope we’re not the robots!

    Rebel Mother’s last blog post..London’s Rags to Riches

  2. I have a picture in my head of going to visit a brand-new grandchild… on Mars. Now that would be cool.

    Rosemary sent a tweet from my netbook yesterday. At least, I assume it was her, not the dog!

    Coding Mamma (Tasha)’s last blog post..Talking to pre-school staff

  3. katherine says:

    Wow!! 50 years time? I’ll be nearly 90. THINGS will have moved on at such a rate; it amazes me that people born early last century have seen soooo much change…how can you cope with that? I suppose, maybe, you just don’t notice? My kids are obsessed with Google Earth/ Sky/Mars/Moon at the moment and are really easy with the concept. I, grinning like a loon, enjoy dipping in and out of the Arctic Ocean whilst shouting “Look! Look! How clever is this!!!”

    katherine’s last blog post..I’d like to thank my……!!

    • admin says:

      Not 90 – nano90 – we’ll all look 30 thanks to smart nutraceuticals giving us longevity and youth – I am obviously dreaming ;-) )

  4. katherine says:

    Phew!! Can I join in the dream?

    katherine’s last blog post..I’d like to thank my……!!

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