The life and times of a happy go lucky blogger in London

Tempted as I am to name names, I’m just going to allude to the places I went in search of an au pair bike and a sparkly creation for me and my little one. So, off to the local bike store on Chiswick High Road – the good old local store which knows the community […]

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She is pictured here, superstyle in hot pink raybans and languishing on a bed of super skinny organic dwarf beans. Stylist: Mininminx Photographer: Nixdminx Accessories: Sainsburys, model’s own

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I love to spot a trend and I think the magazine industry may finally be finding a place for itself. My wall. I have for the most part given up on paper; I do most things online and I like to save trees. I don’t even use Post It notes or business cards anymore. But […]

Going down the river for a sunset drink is one of life’s greatest pleasures when it’s on your doorstep. We often pop down to admire the hazy red sky, especially since we are a just a few doors away from the lovely old Thames. When the tide is out, all sorts of things wash up […]

It seems we no longer want to hide behind our blogger handles I’m no longer just a gravatar – since April, I’ve become less reticent about hiding behind my nixdminx name. Yes, I am actually a real person, so why hide from it? So when the lovely Tara asked me for a photo for her […]

Can it really be a week ago that I started writing this post???? Mid Summer Madness is truly upon me us isn’t it? You will not believe what the last week or so have involved – it’s been AMAZING! YesterdayLast SundayThe Sunday before last Sunday morning I woke up early and had a wardrobe crisis. […]

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….and we’re off, will tell all later x

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Thank god for the bloody tube strike – it means the elbow wars can ebb away at least for a few days. I kid you not, I love the tube, it’s the people on it I can’t bear. It’s Walk to School Week and being a green environmentally friendly person (I am you know, I […]

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I lit a candle and watched it glow, took a light for a cigarette (naughty I know), I gazed. I said ‘How long has it been? I miss you, you know I even got my hair cut the way you liked it the other day and remembered what you used to say,’ ‘It suits you […]

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