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Concrete Junglefield and it's walk to school week
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Thank god for the bloody tube strike – it means the elbow wars can ebb away at least for a few days.

I kid you not, I love the tube, it’s the people on it I can’t bear.

It’s Walk to School Week and being a green environmentally friendly person (I am you know, I don’t own a car!) it’s been lovely walks along the river to school followed by long stomps to the Gunnersbury tube station.  A seemingly short journey actually takes one hour and 20 minutes rather than a thirty minute cab dash.  Over a week, that’s well over four hours lost in hell.

On Monday I got the tube to work – having dropped a skipping Miniminx in the playground.   It’s a 30 minute walk, with laptop and bulging handbag, not something I particularly enjoy.   When I arrived at the station, the trains were up the spout. I was sporting my spangly Fitflops and some sheamer (my version of aggressive young female commuter meets steamer) stomped on my newly varnished toenails and pushed past me to get to the barrier leaving me in agony and a crowd around me open mouthed at her outright don’t-give-a-shit attitude.

I’m a shameless softie so, while I imagined giving her a good shove, I was pretty upset and managed a rictus sneer in her direction when I got to the platform.

This really set the tone for my travels.  I walked up Victoria Street to the office and found myself being pushed from the fast lane and shunted up the backside – I swear the sidewalk is a pedestrian freeway, people cutting each other up and crashing into each other like somnambulists.

I forgot about it all pretty quickly and immersed myself in my busy day, then  it was time to head home. I was walking across the concourse at Victoria station and was whacked on the hand by another ‘sheamer’.  F*ck me that hurt – it drew blood and I still have a bruised hand and not even a sorry.

Fast forward to Clapham Junction and I can’t get on the train because it’s too packed so I make sure I can get on the next one only to find myself lifted off my feet and unceremoniously pushed forward.

‘Help, you’re hurting me!’ I squeaked.  ‘There’s no more room’

‘Course there is love’ says some bloke shoving me out of the way.

Oh f*ck it I thought.  Just a few stops until home.  We arrive at my stop and I move to get off only to be pushed out of the way again as three ‘men’ make their way off the train.

Sod it.  I’m walking Miniminx to school in the morning and scuttling back home to pick up my laptop and associated workday luggage to  jump in a cab – it’s the only way and saves me a lot more time and PAIN!

I’m buying us bikes this weekend.  Perhaps I’ll just be one of those annoying commuters who takes up the whole carriage with a bike or maybe I’ll just be a weekend biker and stick to the serenity of a nice cab drive through Knightsbridge everymorning….what would you do?

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2 Comments to “Concrete Junglefield and it's walk to school week”

  1. clareybabble says:

    Some people are so rude!! I’d go for the taxi personally, much easier and less stressful!
    [rq=3599,0,blog][/rq]Biscuits and Playdough

  2. I SO do not miss commuting from Surrey to London every day and paying a fortune for no seat. Your post has made me count my blessing. Working from home has to be the best option!
    [rq=6709,0,blog][/rq]When mothers go bad

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