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Jelly, paper planes and tropical storms
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Can it really be a week ago that I started writing this post???? Mid Summer Madness is truly upon me us isn’t it?

You will not believe what the last week or so have involved – it’s been AMAZING! YesterdayLast SundayThe Sunday before last Sunday morning I woke up early and had a wardrobe crisis.
Yesterday Last Sunday Last Sunday before last Sunday lunchtime, I was in a jungle thunderstorm replete with jugs of squash and jelly.

Then I crossed a Protest March at Piccadilly Circus.


Miniminx fooled around in Waterstone’s (that fabulous old Bauhaus building on Piccadilly with hand dryers in the toilets that sound like a wind tunnel but very helpful staff all the same) while I tried to find the new Monica Ali book – I did and it was signed by the author – woo hoo.

Then, when I got home, I found a photo on my camera of a gorilla with moobs.


It can only mean one thing.

The British Mummy Bloggers lunch. Well who’da thought we’d finally get together in such great numbers AND children, partners too.

13 or so Mummy Bloggers and their entourage is no mean feat to herd into one place, at the same time and keep entertained, fed and watered for a couple of hours, and of course, educated about the ‘new’ Silver Cross range.

Well gold stars all round to everyone including Miniminx who made loads of new friends. I am only sad that I didn’t get the chance to chat to everyone who turned up but I managed to gabble nonstop and giggle non stop (sorry, it was me snickering at Larry and his paper plane throwing during the presentation speech).

I’m going to spend a lot of time reading over the next few weeks. But the thing is I don’t seem to have a moment to spare these days.

But saying that, I will definitely be going on the Butlins trip so hope to see a few of you all there. I was anticipating our lunch with glee and was by no means disappointed. Being who I am, I spent most of my time nattering in the corner and I loved talking to Part Mummy Part Me, Potty Mummy, Maternal Tales and Coding Mama – you’re all brilliant!

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