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Through the eyes of children…
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Going down the river for a sunset drink is one of life’s greatest pleasures when it’s on your doorstep. We often pop down to admire the hazy red sky, especially since we are a just a few doors away from the lovely old Thames.

When the tide is out, all sorts of things wash up on the shingly mud. I don’t take much notice and leave it to those funny bent over creatures with their metal detectors.

But for children…well, it’s another world…look what Miniminx found.

The photo is hers….she was accompanied by a group of squawking kids and seagulls.

dead fish

….fish and chips anyone a la Jack Sparrow-style anyone?

Perfect, even the upload message on wordpress says 100%deadfish.jpg – hilarious…in joke for WP users, sorry ;-) )

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