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Johnny Depp, Uma Thurman, Julianne Moore – the new iconic photography
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I love to spot a trend and I think the magazine industry may finally be finding a place for itself.

My wall.

I have for the most part given up on paper; I do most things online and I like to save trees. I don’t even use Post It notes or business cards anymore.

But once in a while my baby blues get a shock and I’m entranced. For this month, in the newsagents, and on paper, are the most amazing covers I have spotted in years.

They are not just eye catching.

They totally draw you in. They are genius.

Both mesmerising and beautiful, I was spellbound as I coughed up the cash and felt rather belittled and bedazzled at the same time.

This is the Iconic Photography Effect.

Here they are – sorry I’m rubbish at matching the image sizes, but you get the picture…

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4 Comments to “Johnny Depp, Uma Thurman, Julianne Moore – the new iconic photography”

  1. Rebel Mother says:

    Christ! Johnny Depp makes me go all gooey. Mid 40′s and still a cracker! RMx

  2. Johnny Depp – always gorgeous in my book!
    .-= Rosie Scribble´s last blog ..A very clean post =-.

    • admin says:

      Well isn’t he just? Julianne Moore is my favourite actress from the Big Lebowski through to the End of the Affair – she’s top, so is Uma.

  3. limeyadriftlonestarstate says:

    Are you kidding me , magazines putting beautiful people on the cover. What will they think of next , celebrities pushing fashion lines inside the cover.
    I cannot believe that you have given up on post it notes and business cards. I am at a loss of how you can give instructions to your cleaner without a couple of pads of post its littered around the house. As for business cards now is the time you really need them.Handing them out at interviews with captions such as looking for work, unemployed or prospective employee really gets the point across.
    Also, your bias against trees in this day and age is not acceptable. I personally know trees who want nothing better then to be part of a glossy magazine. It is because of people like you that some trees now find themselves totally unemployed. How would you like just being part of a beautiful forest ,replenishing oxygen with no fear of being cut down.

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