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Ooh la la, la la. Tara, Tara, Tara, just blame her for this Mamma of Memes – she’s even become a TweetMeme topic today so she must be good!

I’m a great fan of Gormley and managed to snap this man blowing bubbles on the plinth last Friday. I was in a cab heading to Lucky Voice to do some drunken screeching singing. ‘Wow – look it’s the plinth’ I gasped as we bumbled our way around Trafalgar Square in rush hour traffic. ‘Gnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’ […]

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We have a lovely bunch of kids who run around our streets like it’s 1950. Last week, there was a great birthday party and all the girls dressed up in their finery. Lovely pretty flowery dresses, lots of cupcakes and icecream and a barbecue which was stopped short by the downpour of rain – well, […]

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I got a text yesterday from a dear friend who I used to work with, we both share a love of theatre, men and good wine. This text was to tell me that he’d spotted ‘My Blog’ in the Tots 100. This is quite ironic. He looked at me quizzically when I first told him […]

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You know I love a giggle and it’s always the sparkly things that catch my eye. But seeing as it’s Summer – I’m more caught up with the floral aspect of the season. It’s hard not to be a bit cheeky here. And I have to say the comparison of central London and the countryside […]

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I’ve lost my camping mojo – I was a glamper and now I can’t even light a camp fire. Oh, perhaps because it’s absolutely tipping it down perhaps? Yay, I survived a night in the wild. Here is my 5* accommodation, complete with ensuite field. With all thoughts of glamping, and umbrellas at the ready, […]

Wow – it looks like mobile phones have finally killed off the phone booth, here’s what I saw at the tube station recently and I couldn’t help but grab a snap. Then I spotted the demise of good old fashioned 35mm – the closed photo shop… The image below looks like something out of a […]

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