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anyone been to see the plinth?
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I’m a great fan of Gormley and managed to snap this man blowing bubbles on the plinth last Friday. I was in a cab heading to Lucky Voice to do some drunken screeching singing.

‘Wow – look it’s the plinth’ I gasped as we bumbled our way around Trafalgar Square in rush hour traffic.
‘Gnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’ said the cab driver
‘I’m going to try and get a good photo…this is great.’ I said to no one in particular.
‘Gnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’ said the cab driver. I could sense he was not impressed. He decided to expand on his guttural effusions…
‘That’s Anthony Gormley done that.’
‘Oh?’ I said, as I didn’t want to patronise him by telling him I knew already.
‘Waste of bleedin’ money if you ask me. He’s gone and done that thing.’
I looked at my fellow passengers, the cabbie was quite snarky when we got in the cab so we held our silence.
‘Hmmmmph, what about all them people sleeping rough. Why don’t they spend the money on them instead of Art?’

We kept up our silence.
I could see his point.
I could also see that 14,000 people with a chance to stand on the 4th plinth for one hour in an artful speakers’ corner, could also make their point.

And lesson learned?
Never use your London Black Cab ride as the 4th Plinth. It’s really not the place to make a point.
They, the London cabbies, see London the way we don’t and navigate us through it from start, through the bright lights, to safe destination.

It’s all a bit humbling…

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