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British Mummy Bloggers Carnival – life's a beach…part I
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Yes, in typical Nixdminx style, I‘m overworked, half crazy, don’t have a moment to spare and work 36 hours a day having crammed everything I could possibly do into my last few days in London before we went on holiday.

In fact, even more true to style, everything fell through at the last minute dont’ even ask and we’ve resorted to Plan C.

We’re having a great time and I was keeping everything crossed that there would be wireless where we are staying – and phew there is….

I’ve been inundated with scintillating, titillating (in more than one way) and just plain old good reads for the carnival, so I hope you all have time to get some good reading in and enjoy the visit.

Since I’ve burnt my bum and I’m putting my laptop at risk of sand damage, I’m posting as much as I can and hope I haven’t missed any of you lovely ladies out. If so, please poke me in the comments section and I’ll update.

I’ve had a lot of people who’ve had more than one post to send me – marvellous I say! Keep up the writing, the wit, the humour and they mayhem, I love it all….

It’s been a hard day sun bathing, fishing with nets and spending time on a quiet island in the Balearics without a Brit in sight (what a relief) so now for a bit of blogging about Blighty…

This is pure and utter madness – The Fab Five Go to Bestival – thanks to Debbie at Parentdish and her merry throng of bambinos, she also writes for a few other blogs – busy lady!!

OMG has sent a fab story in for the carnival about her pregnancy milestone…or should I say smilestone with that piccie???

And one here from Most Least about how not to do reviews on your blog….she will not be the first and certainly not the last blogger to bring up this point and I say keep it up too, that’s what blogs are for – airing, sharing, caring.

Really Rachel has a bit of a moment when the Heffalumps pop up on Skype.

The lovely AMM has sent me a Thames Valley Mums rant rave post ‘and another thing’ she is also on the look out for new stories so if you live in the area and have some good stories, click here on how to get involved.

Maternal Tales from the sunny south coast has a lovely story about her daughter Renee – we’re looking forward to seeing you next week in Bognor too!

Amy of And One More Means Four – has sent in this story about life lessons. It makes me snicker with a fabulous quote ‘When more than two of them are ill, I’m f***ked.’ Being one of six children, I still have vivid memories of group throwing up and running out of buckets – I kid you not!

Here’s one from the lovely Noble Savage on Not Best, Just Normal – or as I’d say, how the media have gone tits up then down about breastfeeding.

Cafe Bebe has also brought this media boob into the spotlight with a round up of what people are saying in our small but perfectly formed blog world.

And another expose but of a rather different kind from Rookie Mum who lets it all hang out in the shower.

WAHM-BAHM has a birth story to share with us.

Have a Lovely Time is stirring up controversy by asking if you should let your kids go naked on the beach….join the conversation if you will.

And You’ve Got Your Hands Full has a pop at Mums and White Powder – that’s washing powder – just checking you’re all still here!

Here’s Brits in Bosnia’s tale of bright lights big city – I suggest a regular drop in to this blog, it’s a goodie and really interesting – much more than just the ex-pat lifestyle on offer here.

Ooh – here’s a new one on me – Mum’s the Blog – it’s very swish and chic – which means I like it ;-) ) Especially chocolate buttons on toast…for breakfast!

More than Just a Mother has sent in her story of the 18th Century Cupboard - it’s a bloody corker this one – it made me cry laughing.

Another fave of mine Sticky Fingers has been kind enough to send in a little posty here. She’s off on holiday to the US of A.

New Mummy has a two parter – but seeing as I’m paying 3 euros per hour for internet access, you’ll have to drop by her blog for part deux about her train ride (sorry NM!).

Time Management Mum has a great entry about the capsule collection – since I’ve just opened my suitcase on day three of my holiday and found items I packed for another trip still in the case, I must pay more attention..

TwentysomethingMum has a bit of a mare when her two year old sings Lily Allen lyrics…

Here’s another one of my faves – the Rubbish Diet – and her post on there’s more to life than pants - well we’d all like to hope so wouldn’t we?

Tatty Weasle has sent me this story about prep school – and I’m glad to say it has a very wry and dry side to it – good girl you!

And Best 10 Ten Toys has some bright green dietary advice – a kind of pick your own if you will. In fact, someone has gone to the trouble of writing a book about it, I just hope the pages don’t come stuck together.

So there you have you wonderful bloggers and I’m hoping you can all link back to my blog when you publicise your posts appearing here – so signing off for now until we return from our sun drenched sands and meet a few of you in the beautiful Bognor Regis for another great experience.

Ciao for now lovelies xx

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16 Comments to “British Mummy Bloggers Carnival – life's a beach…part I”

  1. Janmary says:


    Had trouble with your email, so sent an item via A Modern Mother to be included. Here is the link

    Would be great if you could include it.

    .-= Janmary´s last blog ..GIVEAWAY – win ¬£50 of kitchen equipment =-.

  2. Linda says:

    Wowser – thanks for including me and thanks for links to some great reads – yeah see you in Blognor sorry Bognor Missus. xx
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..What is a mum? Persil advert in the dock, plus a new rhyme from me =-.

  3. I think I was too efficient- I sent my contribution ages ago when you first requested via my hotmail (it always gets missed!) Check out my post at:

    Good work here and im so jealous of your foreign holidaying.. x
    .-= zooarchaeologist´s last blog ..Sleep Again- This Time in Association with Pampers =-.

  4. Great selection! Thanks for hosting. Will link back :)
    .-= Rachel Pattisson´s last blog ..Holy Island =-.

  5. New Mummy says:

    I knew I was probably pushing my luck!! thank you for hosting this, I have linked it on my blog x

    NM X
    .-= New Mummy´s last blog ..New Blog!! =-.

  6. Sounds like some fascinating reads – I’m off to check them out. Thanks for hosting.
    Cheers, Chloe
    .-= Chloe Alice Wilson´s last blog ..VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera Review =-.

  7. Well done sweetie – what a lot of lovely posts to read… See you next week in Bongnor – will be on my own with two little ones this time, so I’ll be calling on Mini Minx to do some entertaining! x
    .-= Maternal Tales´s last blog ..Making Pom Poms is NOT a cottage industry =-.

  8. Thanks for puttin this together. As usual, an ecletic bunch of post from the trenches of motherhood…
    .-= A Modern Mother´s last blog ..Rowing into the past =-.

  9. Sorry for the typos there, I clearly should be doing something else rather than leaving comments on mummy blogs.
    .-= A Modern Mother´s last blog ..Rowing into the past =-.

  10. amy says:

    Great job hun and thank you for including me. I’m going to Bognor next week so i will enjoy meeting you again! xx
    .-= amy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  11. SandyCalico says:

    Did you get my email? I think I sent it Monday.
    I was hoping you could add my post:
    .-= SandyCalico´s last blog ..Presley in Shoplifting Shocker! =-.

  12. mothership says:

    You missed me! I sent you one way back before you reposted the correct email and I think you must have forgotten (sniff!) xo
    .-= mothership´s last blog ..Witless Wednesday =-.

    • admin says:

      I put you on as the first entry – wherever I go I see myself? Oh blimey, what a mess up, I’m updating this due to my holiday malarkey so you’ll defintely be top of the pile next week and I loved your story too, soz x

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