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andy warhol would have loved Butlins
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I’ve always been a fan of Andy Warhol and I love Pop Art.

So imagine my suprise when I began to review my photos of our recent jaunt to Bognor Regis to experience the new Butlins Ocean Hotel & Spa, when I noticed a lot more of a Warhol intonation than Martin Parr in them. As you’ll see this is more of a photoblog than editorial but it does paint a picture of what we did.

The Train Journey

Miniminx was really excited about going to Butlins and as I mentioned in my earlier post, the train ride was pretty action packed and our carriage was carnival-like with a magician, red coats, beauticians and lots of busy people catering to our every whim. Quite an achievement I have to say when you put broadsheet, tabloid, trade and consumer journalists together and then add Mummy bloggers with kids to the mix. We all muddled along nicely and the atmosphere was really peppy thanks to people visiting us regularly to chat.

First Impressions

We arrived at Bognor Regis and transferred to the resort in a mini coach and there was a sense of anticipation among all the passengers. I never went to Butlins as a kid so I had only second hand stories of what it would be like and was very intrigued to see how my daughter would react when she arrived.


Needless to say she was very excited and we enjoyed the party atmosphere and the sun was shining. Music was supplied by this electro-classical trio which played interpretations of pop songs. They were great. And specially created for the day was this lovely Mermaid sand sculpture.


As well as giant seagulls and a giant robot (which I was terrified of), there were also beautiful butterflies wandering around and I felt like we had walked through the looking glass and into a Lewis Carroll creation.


The Grand Opening

We assembled in the vestibule of the new Ocean hotel where the dignitaries sat awaiting the opening speeches.

local dignitaries

And our noisy children were entertained by a Red Coat who tried to keep them as quiet as possible throughout the proceedings.

quiet kids

We all moved into the new restaurant to enjoy a buffet lunch.

The Hotel

This is where it gets quite abstract and I was quite taken with a few things. These glass lights really reminded me of the restaurant at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas – but obviously on a smaller scale but I liked the reference whether it is intentional or not.

bubble lights

These mirror balls are also a fabulous touch. As is the disco lift which has flashing lights and plays music including the Bee Gees!

mirror balls

And these very Pop Art occasional sculptures, don’t they remind you of those Iced Gem biscuits?

yello things

The Rooms

I love staying in hotels and quite often if it is just the two of us, Miniminx and I have to share a bed which is not ideal. We did a tour of the hotel and were shown all the different rooms but it wasn’t until we were ready to go to bed that the true experience began.

Check this telly in the kids bedroom…so post modern it hurts. Miniminx was entranced by the lighting so it became more an objet d’art and the telly stayed off!

There were two single beds in the kids room, which by the way has no door but is tucked away neatly. Above each bed were these great images with more than a nod to Lichtenstein.



We both slept very well and I loved my bed – very high, lots of plump non feather pillows and the furnishings were pretty cool. I managed to get online which was a big tick in the box as I was posting from the event and sat out on the balcony which overlooked the fountains outside the hotel and the sea.

After a great sleep, we were keen to go and have another look around. Breakfast was great and the restaurant staff, as all Butlins staff are, were enthusiastic and eager to please.

Thanks to everyone at Butlins for inviting us along for this experience, I appreciate all the hard effort and work they put in to make this event happen and I know it has been a long time in the planning.

When we checked out on Wednesday, the place was really open for business and as I was chatting to the staff on reception, I spotted a few people coming to check in. And that really is the main event – now the launch is out of the way, there are lots of people who are very keen to come and see the embodiment of the new Butlins Hotel – it’s bright, breezy and unashamedly bubbly.

I’ll be posting about the spa in a few days, so please come back to read more.

As for Andy Warhol, his Factory Studio was next to an Amusement Park so, I guess he’d feel right at home in Butlins.

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15 Comments to “andy warhol would have loved Butlins”

  1. Linda says:

    Wonderful! The 1960a, 70a and 80a also liced on in the. Entertainment! 3 am going to post as soon ask 3 can but could be a while. . .

  2. Linda says:

    My God my mobile has gone bonkers. . Sorry about that!

  3. Happy Mum says:

    Hello! It was lovely to meet you there, when is the next one coming? Hopefully the Hilton appreciate the Mummy Bloggers opinion and is planning to invite us to the launch of a new hotel, in a beautiful and hot location, thank you! I am in for 2 weeks when that happens :)

  4. Those sculptures really do look like iced gems!

    Loving the Lichtenstein-esque murals too.
    .-= Insomniac Mummy´s last blog ..The Generation Gap =-.

  5. Great pics, not what you normally associate with Butlins! My children would love to play with those sculptures. Good blog, found you via BMB.
    .-= whistlejacket´s last blog ..Great customer service and my first Meme! =-.

  6. Wow, (or should that be Pow?) it looks amazing, Nid, glad you and Mini had a great time x
    .-= Dulwich Divorcee ´s last blog ..The pits =-.

  7. Great post lady. Love the dignitaries photo!! Had a blast with you. And yes, I’m on for blogging about 2 weeks in Thailand, or somewhere like that… x
    .-= Maternal Tales´s last blog ..Butlins ain’t what it used to be =-.

  8. Rebel Mother says:

    Really, Butlins has come up in the world since I visited it a million years ago!

    Great Photos

    Pleased you and miniminx has a lovely time

    .-= Rebel Mother´s last blog ..Freedom =-.

  9. Linda says:

    My God, dunno what I was on when I posted that comment above! I’ve attempted a round-up of blog posts about Butlins and have linked to you here:

    Thanks again for a brilliant post!
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..Butlins Bognor Regis Ocean Hotel launch: Bloggers’ round-up =-.

    • admin says:

      Hello there – just had a good root around and it looks fab! Can’t believe that was just a few weeks ago in the sunshine and it’s dark and rainy outside :-( ( xxx

  10. Baba says:

    oh it was a good night. thank you for being my train buddy and my dinnkrig buddy. It was brilliant to meet you xxx

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