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ibiza cafe

I love this photo, it was taken at a cafe we sat outside of in Ibiza Old Town just over a week ago. The flyer is great – I love the psychedelic Audrey look. The sunglasses used to be mine. But I’ve had to stop wearing Rayban Aviators as they are totally Euroteen. Two Summers ago we went to St Tropez and I had a pair on only to be mortified when I spotted all the kids wearing them. So Miniminx gets them now and she’s over the moon that Zac Efron sports them too. And the ashtray? Well, I’ve been trying to give up the filthy weed yet again…but not succeeded yet, so that’s my next ‘project’.

I’m now home after a lot of travelling and Miniminx has gone off on holiday with her Dad. It’s been pretty eventful and with three weeks on my tod looming, I’ll be doing a lot of writing and will fill you all in.

Last night was my first evening alone for months, I could do whatever the hell I wanted but after five hours of travelling and a few tense moments when the car overheated, rushing around to pack, repack, unpack, repack Miniminx’s suitcase (which I had already had with me all week fully packed for her next holiday) I had no appetite for the bright lights and a long stay on the sofa was beckoning.

I planned my night in, I watched Iron Man and was going to order food in. But I was too knackered and had crackers for dinner then watched Sex and the City reruns – happy as the proverbial pig in sh*t.

I’m sitting on my bed catching up on blogs and online gossip. The house is totally silent. I’m gathering my thoughts and reacquainting myself with my surroundings. I can hear the rowers on the river being coaxed along by the cox on his loud haler, I’ve only heard one door on our street open and close since 8am this morning. It’s rare.

I know, I know, I should really be going out to get milk and Sunday papers and restoring a sense of order after the chaos of many journeys.

The suitcases have been prised open for the essential toothbrush and toiletries and now they’re oozing with soggy clothes from swimming, the smoky aroma of campfires, the uplifting scents of freebies from the Ocean hotel, sandy shells, crumpled free guides, snorkels, suncream and they should be unpacked and washed and put away. But I’m starting to feel a bit, well, like I want to hang on to it all…like it shouldn’t really end.

The birds are singing, the sun is shining and I’m going to have to get busy as I’m already missing my baby like hell…

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3 Comments to “home alone”

  1. Glad you are enjoying your break. Vegging is the way to go.
    .-= SingleParentDad´s last blog ..Max Needs Your Votes =-.

  2. Enjoy! I am sure she will miss you too, but (and I speak from frequent experience here) it is so fantastic for both of you when you’re with each other again. You appreciate each other even more.

    Els is on holiday at her Aunty’s this week and is having lots of fun, with a few tears at night. I’m much the same!

    Re ciggies – I gave them up using Patrick Holford’s nutritional method. It’s amazing, you have no cravings but you have to take a lot of vitamins! I blogged about it here:

    Good luck xx
    .-= Part Mummy Part Me´s last blog ..Thank you for Waiting =-.

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