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Top 10 stumbling blocks of the first day back at school
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At 8.30am on the first day back at school

…you’ll be behaving like a maniac calmly getting out the door as I hope and pray will I.

However, there is a certain level of angst that accompanies the first day back at school and I hope I am not alone.

I mean, there are so many things to remember, so many things to forget, so many variables and so many things that could just go dreadfully wrong.

1. Remember the first day
Can you ever forget? Well, I keep a mental note of things instead of a diary. So, yes, I had a panic attack last week as I thought we’d missed the first day back. I noticed a few tweets about the new school term and had to have a strong cup of tea and a sit down. After several frantic searches, I found the term dates, we’re safe, we haven’t omitted to attend, phew.

2. Get up
I must get up. I must get up. Set the alarm early, early, early…do not switch off in sleep and turn over for another ‘five’ minutes or the day will be toast.

3. School shoes

How difficult can this be? It turns out very. I’ve been conned and double conned. First: the ‘new’ shoes which Miniminx begged me for, which should be bought because the old ones are too small, are actually the same size as the old ones but only new and shiny and don’t need a polish. It turns out she ‘doesn’t do polish’. Second: in the world’s most outrageous evidence of karma ever, it turns out that we brought home the shoe box but there are no shoes in it. While I do remember being asked if I wanted the box and saying yes, I did expect the shoes to be in the bloody thing. So now Miniminx does do polish.

4. Class room

I’m going to have to allow an extra fifteen minutes faff time as I have to find the class room. Where the hell is it? I have no idea, it’s a new year.

5. PE Kit
We have new plimsoles – tick, everything else, cross; shorts were sold out, the old ones will have to do any old t-shirt will go in the kit bag- all will be lost in a fortnight anyhow.

6. School bag
It’s a massive backpack and I hate it already. Why? Because I know I’ll be lumbered with it on the way home, along with lunch box, PE Kit etc etc.

7. Pencil case
It’s more like a pencil suitcase. Sorry to all of you lacking in stationery, but Hannah Montana merchandise is now sold out after Miniminx has hoovered up the lot for her pencil case

8. School uniform
Tis done – 8 shirts, 6 skirts, all new socks and vests and pants – no need to do laundry for ages (phew!).

9. Packed lunch
I can just about remember how to do that after the summer holidays; it’s always the most time consuming task of the hectic morning so this term my resolution is to make it the night before. I doubt it will last the week, but I can at least try can’t I?

10. The new teacher
I must, I must, I must remember what her name is and what she looks like…may have to write it on the back of my hand before we leave.

And then of course, I must leave the house fully dressed, with handbag, phone and keys…

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3 Comments to “Top 10 stumbling blocks of the first day back at school”

  1. Thanks for these, I’m substituting dinner money for packed lunch. Be interesting to see, given to my son, where that goes.
    .-= SingleParentDad´s last blog ..Ready for school? =-.

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  3. Rebel Mother says:

    OMG! Dont it make your head spin? All that stuff for one little kiddie, never mind getting yourself out the door!

    Hope she has a lovely start to the term

    .-= Rebel Mother´s last blog ..Divine Solitude =-.

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