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the games we used to play – the nostalgic meme
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victorian children in playground

This post of Susanna’s really made me think of times long gone and the games we used to play, so I’ve created my first meme and yes, it’s a nostalgia trip but it’s also a nod to invention and imagination.

1. The game I loved?

British Bulldog – loud, brash, dangerous but great fun, knock down ginger was another fave

2. The game I hated?

Ladders – you sat on the floor, alternately opposite, with legs stretched out to create the ‘ladder’ and some heffalump would run over your legs.

3. The games we made up as kids?

Coming from a family of six children, there’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to imaginary play.


The Holiday Let Prank Call
My parents always left holidays to the last minute. I remember my Dad handing the newspaper to us, small ads for holiday let cottages circled in a pen…my sister and I had to call them up. Oh silly him! We’d take small change to the phone box and call up the adverts in very stupid voices and very silly accents. We rarely made it through the whole call as we’d end up curled up on the floor shrieking with laughter. More often than not, they hung up before we did.

The Free Hearing Test

My eldest brother went to boarding school, then university when I was quite young. We’d spend weeks cooking up pranks to play on him when he came home, not just because we missed him, but because he was so easy to wind up. Our favourite prank was sending off the reply paid ad for a Free Hearing Test. We’d arrange an appointment for when he was home and make sure he opened the door to the salesman. The best thing was his reaction to the salesman who would over enunciate, gesticulate and speak very loudly….still makes me snigger…we daren’t remind him!

Clod wars
It’s really hard to imagine how I would react if I saw Miniminx try and pull this one off, but then again she’s an only child and not part the unruly army that I was. Next door but one to us was another family, with four kids, who we were on off friends with. We bickered and postured and if things got really bad, a battle commenced. We’d embark on all out Clod Wars. Every spade, fork, hoe, rake was dragged out of the garden shed, and we’d hit the rose bed and start digging up clods of earth. Balancing them on garden tools, we’d take aim and fire at our enemies. Being one of the youngest (and smallest), I would often get a mouthful of dirt as my own clods rebounded off the garden fence and hit me in the face.

4. The games my child has invented?

First there’s

‘My name’s Mummy and I’m going to work today and you’re going to have to….blad di blah di blah – yeah??!!’ which is usually accompanied with a pair of my high heels, my handbag and my sunglasses – I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry!

Second, a really silly one in the garden that’s actually hysterically funny is bucket football – just grab a football and a bucket and take aim and fire…a game of hit, miss and fall down laughing!

And third, which is possibly the most natural is when she finds a leaf, or a conker, a dandelion and reinvents a bat and ball which keeps her happy for ages.

So now it’s over to you lovely ladies, please take your badge and join this meme. I’m curious too – have the old games died out? Do we let our children run wild with their imaginations? Are children even allowed to play anymore?

games we use to play

Just four simple questions so answer and pass on to four of your favourite blogs…

1. What’s the game you loved?

2. The game you hated?

3. The game/s you invented as a child?

4. What games has your child invented?

Here you go, all the founding members of British Mummy Bloggers – play it back if you will x

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8 Comments to “the games we used to play – the nostalgic meme”

  1. Littlemummy says:

    Great meme, can’t wait to read everyone’s posts.
    .-= Littlemummy´s last blog ..Dirty Dancing Week at =-.

  2. Great post! A family of six? Wow, I come from five and thought that was big. OK, coming soon…
    .-= A Modern Mother´s last blog ..New maths + tired mum = torture =-.

    • admin says:

      Thanks – bumped into Potty Mummy as the Thomas the Tank engine thingy today amid balloons, cakes and toy whistles…

  3. Linda says:

    Hello, I’ve listed some of mine here:
    Though not half as imaginative and entertaining as yours.
    Says a lot really!
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..Games we used to play meme from Nixdminx =-.

  4. NIGEL COOK says:

    Well, I remember that game of the hearing aid salesman but not with the humour that you do since it affected me. Wish I had thought of it since you are actually deaf in one ear.
    You forgot the great game where you and your sister throw a party in a house that the family was about to move into and for extra laughs don’t tell the parental units. Oh how they laughed and slapped their thighs at that lowlight.

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