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Corduroy Mansions – chapters 6-10
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I received these latest chapters on Friday for my sneak preview of Corduroy Mansions.

In this tranche, we travel across town with Caroline, who discovers that her would be lover James bears all the hallmarks of OCD – so kissing is off the cards.

While they begin a journey into a the West End to pick up a specialist book, just a few feet away begins the quarterly meeting of the Ragg Porter Literary agency begins. We meet Barbara Ragg, nice but dim and the vile, spiteful couple Rupert and Gloria Porter.

Where is it heading?
What of the world of wine and MI6? ….I’ll just have to wait until next week. With 80 chapters in the book, I feel the pieces of the jigsaw are still being spread out, so we’re well before the stage of being able to compile the puzzle.

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