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Corduroy Mansions – Chapters 11-16
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We are now coming zooming in to focus on Caroline at close up range as she prepares for a cosy dinner for two with the ‘boyf’.

After a chance meeting in the street with a neighbour, the eccentric Berthea Snark, who is more reminiscent of a Titus Groan character than the psychologist Sloane she truly is, Caroline reveals that James is actually her boyfriend to this new stranger who by proxy analysis confirms that he has OCD.

Yet to learn of his condition, James arrives at Caroline’s flat and thinks he has been stood up, he inadvertently two-times his lover by spontaneously inviting Dee for dinner.

Most amusing is the reappearance of Angelica Brockelbank at William’s house and the introduction, by name only, of Freddie de la Hay.

It’s worth reading, Scout’s honour.

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3 Comments to “Corduroy Mansions – Chapters 11-16”

  1. Jenn says:

    Which came first, the problem or the sonutiol? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

  2. You are such a traveller and I plan on perhaps one day discovering these countries/teas too.This morning, I travelled to Kenya after waking up.A meeting all morning long (which means no tea).This afternoon I travelled to Ireland (I have three “Irish” teas and I keep forgetting their names or mixing them creating new names ).Right now, I have been enjoying a travel in space and time with a Byzance tea (I wanted to be a little mysterious with a Lady in Blue but I opened the wrong drawer).

  3. car in sell says:

    Thanks so much. I’ve just started working at a job where I have to come up with activities for forty children in an after school program. My son and I tried these as a test, and they’re a big hit. We had a great time putting the bookmark together, and it’s so easy. What a great idea.

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