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Corduroy Mansions v the X Factor
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I’m a trifle bemused to see that all my friends on twitter are trending on the X Factor – I never watch the show in the later stages, I just catch the early ones, perhaps two at the most for the pure entertainment of the no hopers. Does that make me a bad person? I’m not a great fan of soaps either but I do try and follow Eastenders and I’m still reeling from the appearance of our London Mayor, BoJo the other week – he’s a dead ringer for a Mitchell ain’t ‘e?

Well, I’m starting to become attached to a new soap – Corduroy Mansions – with it’s humour as dry as a white bourgogne it’s definitely a good read and while it has yet to reach the zenith of great vintage moments, I’m intrigued and tickled enough to keep reading on.

Is it because there’s a touch of the Reginald Perrin from the main character William? Or a slight sense of Dodie Smith’s Pongo in Freddie de la Hay, or even the hint of Spooks that Angelica brings? I can’t be quite sure, but this serialisation does pay homage to our great British aptitude and appetite for farce. I’m expecting a thinly disguised cameo from Terry Thomas at any moment. I kid you not. You just need to read this week’s chapters to feel a Fawlty Towers moment coming on – especially when Freddie de la Hay handily rearranges itself to become Headily Fed Dear. I’ll pot the plot for you without giving anything away; women makes careers from feeding men, men live and die by food, woman gets arrested for feeding pigeons, dog seeks food…

I know that’s a little mean spirited of me, so I’ll leave you with a few more morsels to chew over; Duck takes a dog and French hopes to find love – coded enough for you? Better read it for yourself then…

Oh, and who won the X Factor???

footnote: I was approached a few weeks ago and asked if I would be happy to be involved with the Telegraph Online Book Club – a no brainer for me, I’m an avid reader and this new fangled way of experiencing a book seemed quite interesting. That’s how I get these early chapters ahead of everyone else, and I’m not being paid either…

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