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Why are all the books about pregnancy and the first year; that's the easy part!
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We’re hurtling towards double figures, though Miniminx would argue the point that since she’s a leap year day baby, she’s actually only 2 and a quarter.

That said, I look at my beautiful daughter who is now getting quite tall – she reaches my shoulder – and I’m seeing her change very quickly. She even said herself yesterday that she felt she’d grown overnight.

I’m finding myself whispering in hushed tones to my girlfriends with daughters of the same age; what’s next? Is this the onset of puberty already – are tempers just hormonal flashes…their bodies are changing, what about greasy hair, spots? And the dreaded periods. It’s all really quite scary. I remember it myself; I was gawky, geeky and gangly.

After the first day back at school Miniminx ran across the playground, big smile on her face.
‘Mummmmy – I’ve got something really funny to tell you.’
Oh good I thought – she’s having fun already at school.
‘I can’t tell you until we’ve left the playground, it’s a secret.’
We walk our bikes across the tarmac and head off home. But she beckons me over conspiratorially, motioning me to tip my head so she can whisper in my ear.

‘There’s a girl yeah? In my class…’ she starts tittering away.
Snorting with laughter.
‘SHE’S WEARING A BRA!!!!’ she continues.
And that’s it, she is laughing her head off. And doesn’t stop.
‘A bra! A bra! Ha ha ha ha ha!’
‘Oh’ I’m speechless as I’m thinking – oh my god, it’ll be you soon. My baby is growing up!

As an avid reader, I’ll buy books on anything and everything that interests me; art, fashion, cooking, Japanese ghost stories, American literature, travel, writing, psychology, dreaming, trashy novels, and a few years ago, babies. But I’m in a wilderness, there doesn’t seem to be much around for the pre-teen years.

I vividly remember, with babe in arms, chatting about ‘The Books’; the books for the first year, weaning, all those ones which we thumbed through endlessly and swapped and shared. There don’t seem to be any around for these bewildering years.

As luck would have it, yesterday, in an amazing bookshop, I found three books which look like they might be pretty good;

Raising Confident Girls – Ian and Mary Grant
Cool, Calm Parent – Hollie Smith
Raising Girls – Gisela Preuschoff

I’ll devour these quite happily and take out the bits I like and shelve the rest. I’ll be a Cool Calm Parent to a Confident Happy Girl – woo hoo!

I’ll let you know what I think of them too if you’re interested and wondering what these next few years might bring.

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5 Comments to “Why are all the books about pregnancy and the first year; that's the easy part!”

  1. It’s blogs like this that I will turn to when my own girl is a pre teen. Sure I’ll read the books and watch any TV show which claims to show you how to be a Good Parent to a Teenager.
    But I much prefer the raw honesty of real mums who tell it like it is.
    So write away Nixdminx, I for one am all ears!
    .-= Tara@Sticky Fingers´s last blog ..The Man =-.

    • admin says:

      I loved your post about The Man – spot on…it actually made me think of how we all used to refer to The Book in the first weeks and months of new Motherhood – as if it were some kind of bible! I’ll definitely post feedback on the reads x

  2. Tawny says:

    Yes please, let me know what you think of them. My K is 10, I am trying to walk the thin line between letting her grow up and not wanting it to be too fast!

  3. I just bought that last book – Raising Girls – and it’s on my bedside table…will give it a crack when I have a moment. But yes, Miniminx is growing up so fast…thankfully we have a few years left over this way…but I know where to come when I need some advice in five years time! xx
    .-= Maternal Tales´s last blog ..Pregnancy Lows – where do I start? =-.

  4. I’m a sucker for parenting books. Just cannot help myself.

    I have stacks under the bed and am still none the wiser. Which reminds me, I really need to dig out ‘Toddler Taming’.
    .-= Insomniac Mummy´s last blog ..Head Space =-.

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