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A cautionary tale…
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When I grew up I always wanted to know someone who lived in the last century so I could learn all about the old-fangled stuff.

So be careful what you wish for.

Yesterday my daughter asked me
‘Mummy what’s a cassette?’
‘Oh, it’s got two little spools…’
‘No – how big is it?’
‘About so big,’
‘Oh’ she gives me a sideways look
‘Nothing’ she looks at me like I’m pretending I know what one is.

Doesn’t she realise I used to tape John Peel off the radio illegally on one of these?

Or that I listened to music on the go with one of these?

Or that my first mobile phone was one of these? (now on display at the Science Museum I might add…)

I daren’t even mention the first computer we ever had in our house was one of these

There’s nothing like a micro conversation like that to make you feel like a relic is there?

I’ve obviously found myself on the wrong side of the equation…I am definitely from the last century!

I reckon she found this advert on TV and thought it was from the olden times….

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3 Comments to “A cautionary tale…”

  1. I so relate to this! Was telling my daughter the other day about life before computers and mobile phones. Remeber when those little apple computers with a floppy drive were sooooo new and cool? They go perfectly with a dot matrix printer.

  2. Rebel Mother says:

    OMG! Is that lot obsolete now? I’m sure I’ve still got those radios sitting in the garage!

    I used to tape Radio Caroline…..

    .-= Rebel Mother´s last blog ..A Little Faith =-.

    • admin says:

      I have a box of cassettes in storage and nothing to play them on…and boxes of CDs too, I chucked my vinyl yonks ago. x

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