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Mummy, holidays are like twitter…
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Ever have those bizarre conversations that verge on the complete abstract and sublime?

I had one of those this morning with my daughter over the breakfast table.

‘Mummy?’ she said, one eyebrow raised to announce that she had a profound statement coming on.

‘Yeah’ I answered distractedly, somewhere between packing lunch, loading laundry, applying lippy.

‘You know when we went to Formentera on holiday this Summer?’

‘Yeah’ I answer, wondering where this is going to go?

‘Well Dad’s friend went there the week before us.’
‘Oh really, that’s cool’
‘Yeah, and do you know what?’
‘He’s going to Morocco, like we are but a month later.’
‘Oh what a coincidence.’

‘It’s like twitter Mummy…isn’t it?’ she says, very seriously.

‘Umm, how do you mean exactly little one?’

‘Well we followed him and now he’s following us back.’

‘That’s hilarious – how did you work that one out…?’ (I’m wondering if the little minx has sneakily set up her own account).

‘Oh, you know, you keep saying so and so’s following you and you follow them back. That’s twitter isn’t it and it’s like holidays too!’

So there you have it, in the mind of a 9 year old, holidays are just like twitter!

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2 Comments to “Mummy, holidays are like twitter…”

  1. She’s fabulous – but hey, we know that already. I like her thinking though – very astute! x
    .-= Maternal Tales´s last blog ..Don’t kill animals =-.

  2. She’s way ahead of me. I don’t have a clue what happens on Twitter!
    .-= Brit in Bosnia´s last blog ..Is everything falling apart? =-.

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