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Beano rant: these minxes are not happy
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Do you love the Beano? Does it bring back memories of your childhood when you used to still get sweets measured and weighed and popped into a little paper bag? There’s always been something great about every magazine that has left the D C Thomson publishing house and made it’s way South.

My daughter has become an avid fan of the magazine – I even got her club membership recently but both of us are feeling a bit, well more than a bit ripped off, we’re about to jump ship.

First there’s the price of the magazine. We’re feeling like Dennis has become a hoodie and is robbing us blind weekly.

We traipse to the papershop religiously to pick up a copy – the little jokes on each page are fun, the comic strips still raise a laugh, so it’s a nice ritual – but what’s going on with the cover price? The cost is spiralling out of control – how much will it be next year?

I coughed up yet for this week’s Beano magazine and was really shocked at the price.
‘£1.35?’ I exclaimed in the newsagent shop as I looked at my daughter – mirroring my raised eyebrows…even she, the budding shopaholic, was surprised.

‘Yes, it’s gone up again, but you get free toys.’ said the lady behind the counter.

‘We don’t want any more cheap plastic toys – aren’t we meant to be saving the planet?’

She smiled, I handed over the cash.

I’m not happy about this. I’m not harking back to my youth here but the Beano was 85p not so long ago and then when it went up to 99p I was surprised. Then it went up to £1.25 which I thought was a bit shocking. So this last price hike has left me a bit annoyed. We have a magazine with bags of toys every week that we really don’t want. If I wanted to buy my daughter toys, I’d go to a toyshop not a newsagent. D C Thomson – please listen.

Oh, and Beano Club membership – yes we got the great joining gifts, which included a blow up chair and an incredibly funny radio. But Miniminx has not received any email newsletters, as promised on a monthly basis – so yet again, we’re coughing up for plastic goods. That’s not what we signed up for.

Thanks Dennis – it’s a case of take the money and run here isn’t it?

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7 Comments to “Beano rant: these minxes are not happy”

  1. It warmed my heart to learn the Beano was still going, DaddaCool posted a similar blog about the crazy price inflation quite recently too. You guys should get together for the cause!
    .-= Kim@EnjoyTheRide´s last blog ..Embarassing Moments =-.

  2. limeyadriftlonestarstate says:

    Meg asked me to pass on the following : the real concern would be if the pricing of the Dandy was following the same path as that of the Beano. Apparently everyone knows that the Dandy is a much superior comic.

  3. limeyadriftlonestarstate says:

    I wish she was reading my old copies of The Dandy. In actuality the insight was gained by reading the Christmas book/ annual.
    While I understand your urge to save the planet by becoming exasperated at the free gifts the Beano is apparently showering you with ; I do however find it a little disingenuous when you are also at the same time blogging about zipping over to the North of Africa. Seriously, how does that footprint compare to a few trinkets in a comic.
    Now I take back the above statment if your journey consisted of sailing on the latest tea clipper and you only rode an “ass” whilst in country.

    • admin says:

      You’re just jealous! Our trip was carbon-neutral – and how many SUVs are parked in your drive? Our 4 wheels consist of 2 bikes…

  4. limeyadriftlonestarstate says:

    Impossible ! Driving to the airport twice, getting on a plane twice and utilising a vehicle with an engine in North Africa rather then an “ass” cannot be carbon neutral.
    Of course if I missed the announcement in the paper (sorry electronic media) that you had just replanted the Amazon rainforest , my apologies.
    Yes , I do have a number of vehicles parked in my driveway but am sorry to disappoint no SUV’s.Of course I could wait for that non polluting big red bus to take me to work.But then I would never get to work.Since , one there is no public transport available and two – that non polluting bus running on water does not yet exist.
    As to your point about having the most expensive bikes in the world as your primary transport , that’s good for you. However getting around on a bike here is just plain nuts.But if you like being completely sodden because of the heat and humidity then utilising a bike is a wonderful idea.
    Finally as to being jealous of that trip you took my response to that is unabashedly YES!

    • admin says:

      Ha ha ha – did you see the gorgeous photos of Formentera where we went snorkelling this Summer? Or our fab trip to Ibiza this Spring, oh and let’s not forget the short jaunt to Florence … bet you’re really jealous now

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