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Thanks to the Royal Mail strike, my review samples from Simple Human are still sitting in a depot somewhere but the company has kindly sent me an extra 2 of their stackable recycling units. From the photos on their web site which I’ve used above, they looked like they would fit nicely in my Ikea shelves – so I’m a little peeved to only have two.

So, on first impression, they arrived in a massive box and were packaged on what we called as kids ‘pop buds’ and giant plastic blisters – we’re very easily distracted in my house so Miniminx and I happily popped for ages – before remembering that we had a purpose in the packaging – recycling units.

I was quite in awe of the size of these things…but I like them. I’m not going to post a full review until I’ve used them for two weeks – I’ve chosen to go for the paper and plastic options to see if the boxes can handle our output.

First impressions are good – my piddly Ikea aluminium boxes I was using to store paper, bottles and plastic for recycling will be used as planters…

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