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I'm a celebrity get me out of here – my fantasy campers
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You know when you watch a reality show like I’m A Celebrity the schadenfreude-effect is like a Class A drug – you just keep having to go back for more. I don’t usually watch any of the shows but this one makes me scream with laughter, it’s totally out there when it comes to pushing people’s buttons in a hostile environment but with those cheeky chappies Ant and Dec happily blithering away, it all seems like such good fun.

But really, I have to confess, I’d love to be casting the show for myself wouldn’t you?

Here’s the 12 people who I’d pick;

Naomi Campbell – could you imagine her doing a Bush Tucker trial?
Alistair Campbell – I’m a spin doctor, spin me out of here
Gordon Ramsay – f*cking get me f*cking out of f*cking here
Carla Bruni – so she could dish the dirt on her hubby and Mick J
Simon Cowell – well just who wouldn’t want to watch him get happy with the creepie-crawlies?
Lembit Opik – maybe that’s a bit mean, he’d crack up quite quickly but what if he hooked up with Naomi?
Sarah Palin – she’d sort them out good and proper but lose
Stephen Fry – could he cope without twittering in the jungle?
Lady GaGa – could she keep a poker face, I doubt it
Pete Doherty – he’s definitely Z-list now
Susan Boyle – she’s got a thing for Simon hasn’t she? Who knows what could happen…
Barbara Windsor – I hear she’s looking for work after Eastenders

Well come on then, I’d love to know who you’d pick…

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10 Comments to “I'm a celebrity get me out of here – my fantasy campers”

  1. LOL, That would be such a great line-up. I’d love John & Edward be thrown in too :-D
    .-= Almost Mrs Average´s last blog ..Well I have thought about moving to Cambridge with my Tetra Paks… =-.

  2. haha…that’s only if you can stop them bouncing :-D
    .-= Almost Mrs Average´s last blog ..Well I have thought about moving to Cambridge with my Tetra Paks… =-.

  3. Emily O says:

    Love this game, my husband and I come up with our fantasy list every year it’s on. This year we decided we’d like to see in there Little and Large (one of them or both), Su Pollard (and maybe some others from Hi-de-Hi like Ted or Spike), Limahl from Kajagoogoo and some random person from a band like Steps, maybe H?
    .-= Emily O´s last blog ..Planning the homebirth =-.

  4. I’d really pick people I wouldn’t want to come back and I must confess I rather like Mr Campbell. The Dark Lord himself (Peter Mandleson). Throw him to the crocodiles.

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  6. What a great idea! Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell together would be priceless ….
    .-= Dulwich Divorcee´s last blog ..A very moving makeover =-.

  7. Sorry, just noticed my comment was linked to my old blog address, here’s my new one!
    .-= Dulwich Divorcee´s last blog ..Mums’ Rules =-.

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