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Corduroy Mansions – Freddie de la Hay is rumbled, or should I say collared?
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I’ve been catching up on the Corduroy Mansions. There’s a lot going on, the pace has quickened, adventures are afoot and some of them leaving bigger footprints than others.

Barbara is heading to the country and lashings of clean air but she is having doubts. Does “you are so very welcome to our family” really ring true? And what is she doing in Scotland, she’s a Londoner after all.

I’m not so keen on the thought of Dee administering colonic cleansing to Martin – we already know she can’t be trusted from her past behaviour don’t we – but another proposition is about to come out of that discussion…and a better one at that.

And you dog lovers, please, look away now. I have found myself alarmed at the precarious position our superhero dog is now finding himself in…totally out of the kennel without a bone and subjected to passive smoking to boot, it’s a dog’s life isn’t it? How could M16 be so obvious, so foolish – will he survive this canine caper? It appears he may not.

But calm yourselves, we don’t know as of yet.

And yet another sub plot has gone to the dogs this week. It won’t come as any surprise to me, or you either, that Caroline and James are no longer. Not that they were of course…I mean, well they haven’t, they never, they couldn’t, um, oh, how do I put this delicately?

Elsewhere a new and novel drama of yeti proportions is beginning to unfold at the Ragg Porter Literary agency – Rupert Porter is heading out the door for a clandestine meeting outside Fortnum & Mason with Errol Greatorex and none other than, well a big hairy man to be honest. At this time of year, you may think this poor man has just lost his marbles and, with a desire to retreat back into the carefree days of childhood, just wants to plonk himself on the chubby knee of Santa in his grotto in Fortnums. Well this is what the receptionist Andrea must be thinking as he leaves her the details of his jaunt into the West End.

Rupert however is a little less trusting of the whole thing.

Read more here at The Telegraph.

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  1. Yes, I fear for Freddie. Poor Freddie, so trusting. What will happen to Freddie?
    .-= A Modern Mother´s last blog ..Dear dog walker =-.

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