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my happy go lucky year in the mumosphere part 2 – the accidental mummy blogger

Why did I turn to blogging? Well, I’ve always loved to write and I’m a total chatterbox so it was pretty easy to find my conversational flow in blogland. And there were many great surprises and new experiences in store.

Incredibly, this story I am writing is post number 149 which means over the last year I’ve probably written around 75,000 words here. That combined with the other writing on sites and blogs I do probably amounts to around 120,00 words – no mean feat when you look at it. But it’s my no means been a difficult challenge, it’s been a total blast and has helped me get to grips with more than just how to click ‘publish’.

So back to where it all began. Facing a particularly difficult situation; no job come January, a Christmas without my daughter and and the end of my work contract wind down, the months appeared before me like an abyss. It was hard not to feel alienated and a social outcast. Even if I wasn’t one, I felt it. It was no suprise I succumbed to an awful attack of the flu. That Friday, the fever was so bad that I was unable to leave the house for three days, and fortunately Miniminx was away for the weekend.

With no choice but to live online while snivelling and bedridden, I just about managed to survive on what was in the house, ordered some online supplies and kept writing. Just a blog post each day, but it was something.

At the end of day three with the tissue box empty and the lemsip packets crumpled, there was a knock on the door and a groaning ghostlike-heap greeted the delivery man. Yes, it was me, and it was at that point I had a revelation.

Nothing was going to be the same again – I’d found a new tool for survival and wasn’t going to give it up.

Blogging might be easy, but getting started is the hardest part. I determined to say anonymous. And by blog name summed up the sense of futility at that time. My high hopes had been nixed and my minxy life crushed. Clown that I am, I set about writing with humour not despair, it took me a while to get it right and it certainly lifted the dark clouds and put the light back behind my eyes.

There is something really unnerving about putting a story out there in this new cyber world they call ‘the cloud’. I imagined my blog posts would be like raindrops falling from this cloud and evaporate before even hitting the ground and, in reality, no one would ever read it.

But they did and hey ho, I got a visitor or two, and thought

‘Oh my god, I wrote a blog post and someone bloody ready it – shit!’

….and then I got a comment, and thought

‘Um, so what happens next? This is quite scary. Who are these people, they have funny bloggy names.’

I had a look around and found other bloggers. Mummies. With beautiful blogs, stickered with awards. I had discovered the Mumosphere, or rather, it has discovered me.

‘Ahem.’ I thought. ‘Well goodness me. I see I’m not alone here.’

I replied to comments, it was like making invisible friends with lovely people. It was a miracle. I was no longer alone at my laptop.

‘Wow. Wahaaay.’

I had a new job.

I had become the accidental Mummy blogger.

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9 Comments to “my happy go lucky year in the mumosphere part 2 – the accidental mummy blogger”

  1. New Mummy says:

    Great post, I was a bit like that. Before febuary this year I’d never read a blogger let alone write one and now I feel like I’ve doing it forever and I’m part of a great supportive club!
    .-= New Mummy´s last blog ..The Pregnancy =-.

  2. Potty Mummy says:

    Is there going to be a part 3? Please say yes!
    .-= Potty Mummy´s last blog ..British Mummy Blogger of the Week =-.

  3. Hi! I meant to pop by earlier and say thank you for your lovely comment on my rather personal post about parents and family… You should give it a try, it’s cathartic :-)
    Great post! Yay for blogging!
    .-= Metropolitan Mum´s last blog ..And the winner of the Wiki Digital Camera is… =-.

  4. Linda says:

    I would like to see lots of further instalments…part 58 could be ‘when blogging took me to Butlins’!

    Great post and a great blog.

    .-= Linda´s last blog ..Children and bereavement: Families share experiences and advice =-.

    • admin says:

      I was thinking more alongs the line of 8 or so…what do you think this is a book?!!
      PS: I read your post again last night about swearing in front of children…made me laugh again x

  5. constandina says:

    Now I know where your blog name comes from. Well done. You have achieved so much. An inspiration :)

    • admin says:

      Hey redapplegirl – let me know when you start your own blog up – and enjoy the countdown to your wedding xx

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