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my happy go lucky year in the mumosphere part 4 – joining BMB, that's British Mummy Bloggers to the uninitiated
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I suppose this is a bit of a love letter to all the members of British Mummy Bloggers and also a curtsey and a bow to Susanna – you know who you are!

The theme of these posts is what has really happened, and this little adventure was the one that made the blogosphere a real place with real people.

Contrary to the generaly rule; that bloggers are a sad and lonely nerds, I’ve made a lot friends through blogging and so have loads of us who snatch the odd hour or two to update our blogs. We’re the people that never shut up! Plus, we’re not the usual run of the mill Mums are we? I’m not sure about you but I’m mildly eccentric, quirky and busy as hell so not only do I keep strange hours, I’m out of the loop on competitive-school-gate-mum-syndrome – which means social media suits me just fine and dandy.

Not long after starting out, I discovered the British Mummy Bloggers social network on Ning and signed up.

To me, it was a bit like walking on stage naked, staring into the spotlights and waiting for the howls of laughter. (I’m a sensitive soul really)

It’s not fun being the newbie is it? There’s nothing worse than feeling you are encroaching on a space you have no right to be in – I was quite apprehensive and worried that maybe it would be a negative experience and that I’d be snubbed.

Imagining if I posted anything ‘uncool’ that I would be kicked into touch, I posted a tentative ‘Hello’.


I was pleasantly surprised.
The welcome was a warm and friendly one.

There were quite a few people saying ‘Hello’ back and offering advice on blogging, family, fun in fact anything. I had lots of help when I wanted to move from wordpress to a hosted environment and the gorgeous Violet Posy gave me a blog make over – which I still sport to this day.

Next up was an interesting development, an invitation to meet up for coffee with the BMB ladies…how intriguing, who were these people hiding behind avatars and blogger handles? My curiosity got the better for me and I accepted.

Just one look in the mirror told me I’d become quite the unemployed-slovenly-singlemum-housewife – I had to scrub up…meet real people. I was scared.

I was meeting Potty and A Modern Mother at Starbucks in Paddington. It all seemed very 2.0 and urban, just my thing in fact.

I scuttled in a panic walked into the coffee shop. Nervous as hell and looking for prams. I spotted two ladies and took a chance.

‘Hello, I’m Nixdminx – are you…er, ummm??’

My words hung in the air, my throat dried, I started to feel a bit stupid – I didn’t know their real names!

‘Hi I’m A Modern Mother’ said the lovely Susanna, she was friendly and warm.
‘And Potty’ beamed the other BMBer.

It’s them.
Thank God for that!
I liked them both immediately.

We didn’t have long and we chatted over coffees. It was a very brief meeting, but I’m so glad I went.

Behind these blogger handles were three women, real people, real lives. Things were getting interesting, and a bit more real.

At the next get together at the Rainforest Cafe there were loads of us including kids and this week there will be even more as the guest list now stands at 100 – that’s astounding.

Thanks again to Susanna for setting this up – I hope this reaps great rewards for you in the future but I know it has already x

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15 Comments to “my happy go lucky year in the mumosphere part 4 – joining BMB, that's British Mummy Bloggers to the uninitiated”

  1. Awww we love you too!! Want another make over?? ;) I’m coming up to 2 weeks of Christmas holiday boredom x

  2. I’m really enjoying reading about your adventures in teh blogosphere. I do enjoy your blog ever so much, and it has been fun to read how you got to where you are now.

    I’m only sad that being in Bosnia I’ve not been able to meet any of you guys face to face. But as I’m back in April, maybe I shall just have to wait until then. x

    • admin says:

      Yes, I’d love to meet up when you’re over, even though it’s a long way off – in the meantime, I’ll keep up to date with you on your blog x

  3. Hello darling – I was going to check if you were coming to the Zoo – but it looks liek you are! Yay to that. And Renée will be chuffed – she keeps askign about Miniminx! Bless her. See you there sweetie x
    .-= Maternal Tales´s last blog ..To have a sick child… =-.

    • admin says:

      Miniminx has been reading my comment section and has been dancing round the room – she can’t wait to see Renee – shall we avoid an potential balloon hazards/incidents? x

  4. I’m loving your blogging tales.

    Hope I actually get to meet some of the lovely BMB ladies/gents one day.
    .-= Insomniac Mummy´s last blog ..Oh brownie, sweet brownie! – Cake Therapy =-.

  5. I love the BMB ning too. It *is* a friendly place and full of useful, interesting reads as well :o )
    .-= rachel pattisson´s last blog ..PR Requests – The Correct Response =-.

  6. Vic says:

    I’m quite looking forward to our little outing on Sunday – even the husband is too, despite the fact that we’re a bunch of mummy bloggers and so can’t be anywhere as cool as his geek blogger type! lol

    • admin says:

      Just expect chaos and lots of big and little animals (and that’s just the bloggers) – actually, do you think they’re going to round us all up and cage us as some kind of exhibit??!!

  7. TheMadHouse says:

    I am so envious of those able to make the meet up. The BMB is a wonderful coming together to all sorts of people and the power of Mummy bloggers is growing all the time
    .-= TheMadHouse´s last blog ..Writing Workshop on a Wednesday =-.

  8. Potty Mummy says:

    Great post – see you on Sunday! (No biting – from Boy #2 – this time I hope…)
    .-= Potty Mummy´s last blog ..Today’s definitions… =-.

    • admin says:

      oh gosh, I’d completely forgotten about that rash show of affection – you can always threaten to feed him to the lions wear shoulder pads!

  9. Haha…so funny. I’ve been throught that “scrub up” phase too. Brilliant to meet you yesterday and so glad you started to blog :-D x
    .-= Almost Mrs Average´s last blog ..Adventures at London Zoo with big chickens, mummy bloggers and animal poo! =-.

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