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Hello people, it’s New Year’s Eve – the champagne has already been flowing and I’m going to have a nap before I go out dancing – it’s the only way to see the New Year in and go home having wrestled off those few thousand calories or so that I’ve imbibed / scoffed this festive […]

Some ads are just too good to be true, and this is one of them.

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As Miniminx gets older, toys made from primary colours and plastic are starting to look a tad dull, grey and redundant. Even fluffy toys are left aside. While she still sleeps with Winnie the Poo, she doesn’t need to cuddle him to get to sleep. She’s never liked to play with dolls and is now […]

I really wanted our Christmas day to be different, and it certainly was. I had booked lunch at my favourite hotel in Soho so all we had to do was get up, open presents, throw on something festive to wear and roll into a taxi – bliss, bliss and triple bliss. We got a taxi […]

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Isn’t it funny when something big happens where you’ve been on holiday? I mean like a movie. A big huge, blockbuster packed with A-listers and glamour that makes you drool. So for me, it was great to see The Beach because I’d spent time in Thailand, and it’s always good to watch movies about LA […]

This image might look a bit familiar – it’s not quite the original from my banner. Those are my almost but not quite really all time favourite Miu Miu shoes and my daughter’s gorgeous tiny red ballet shoes which I hand sewed sequins on for her when she was three. And there they are, large […]

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I think I’ve heard it all now. Last Thursday I was out and about enjoying ludicrous cocktails and a great dinner with my Yummy Mummies – we headed to Highroad House in Chiswick after a cheeky champagne cocktail or two at Carvosso. The snow was falling, we were very high spirited and flashing our cameras […]

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Thanks to all you lovely people who dropped by and left congratulations on my bloggy birthday. It has been quite a year and it was nice to make a fuss about it. And now it’s my turn to give some of you an early christmas pressie back. So without further ado, here are the recipients […]

It’s been a long year and I know I haven’t written to you since I was about ten, but I promise, I still believe in you. I know I’ve been on the naughty list for quite some time but this year I think I deserve a place on the nice list. I honestly haven’t had […]

When I told my friends and family that I was taking my daughter with me on a trip across Morocco I was met with two reactions. One was ‘Wow!’ and the other was ‘You’re kidding!’ Armed with backpacks, sleeping bags, cameras and sunglasses, we headed off from Heathrow and from the moment we left our […]

Here’s a tiny little tip from me. Don’t ever, ever turn your nose up at recycling anything – you could really be missing out. Just check these fab Vivienne Westwood shoes – a seat on the tube has never looked so good has it? Ahem, sorry, let me get back on track…I’m actually writing this […]

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It does tickle me as I wonder how the conversation went with the organisers as they planned this brilliant get together last week. ‘Ok kids, we’ve got a launch on. We have to connect with the mumosphere – let’s brainstorm – I’ll bring the chocolates and flip chart you bring your brilliant minds’ ‘How shall […]

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