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British Mummy Bloggers day at the Zoo
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bmb day

It does tickle me as I wonder how the conversation went with the organisers as they planned this brilliant get together last week.

‘Ok kids, we’ve got a launch on. We have to connect with the mumosphere – let’s brainstorm – I’ll bring the chocolates and flip chart you bring your brilliant minds’
‘How shall we tackle this one?’
‘Let’s get the Mummy Bloggers together’
‘How many shall we invite?’
‘All of them?’
‘Why not – how about their families too?’
‘It would be just too cute wouldn’t it?’
‘Hmmm – ok – I’m getting a good picture of this…I’m seeing happy families, children playing – gorgeous’
‘What about a venue?’
‘Think big, think kiddie friendly, think central.’
‘The Dorchester? Claridges?’
‘Ummm no.’
‘A Spa?’
‘Well, what would suit a wild pack of animals with screaming offspring?’
‘Brilliant – let’s get on it.’
‘You book the venue, you send out the invitation, get a photographer, get a press release, GET A GOODIE BAG! GO GO GO!’

Okay, I may have overegged it a little, so please forgive my teasing, but it’s hard not to see the funny side at these events, for we all know that the famous W C Fields quote states ‘Never work with children and animals.’

Venturing into the Zoo with the Mumosphere in tow was definitely a brave (and also a very sweet) gesture. There were prams, nappies, scribblers, snackers and sweet nickers (I have to confess I have been finding sweets in my pockets, purse and handbag all week thanks to a certain little someone) against a backdrop of chattering bloggers.

Miniminx and I schlepped across town in a cab arrived in the pouring rain last Sunday and began spotting bloggers everywhere – it was as if we’d all escaped from one of the enclosures (in fact, I did quip to Miniminx that we might all be rounded up and put on display but she was not impressed).

We loved seeing everyone and also enjoyed having a mooch around the aquarium, reptile house and having a chat with the shivering Meerkats. I was left a bit puzzled as I watched these funny creatures huddle on their haunches under the heatlamps – why hadn’t they decamped into the restaurant? But I digress.

Thanks to Susanna for hosting and also Supersavvyme – the new P&G Mummy community.

I met so many lovely people who I’ve been chatting to online and also some more familiar faces too.

It was great to finally meet The Rubbish Diet, Alpha Mummy, Motherhood: The Final Frontier, Glowstars, 20 Something Mum and Diary of a Surprise Mum,

And brilliant fun meet up again with A Modern Mother, Maternal Tales, Potty Diaries, Perfectly Happy Mum, of course there are many more of you too.

See you all at the next one, and a few more I hope xx

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4 Comments to “British Mummy Bloggers day at the Zoo”

  1. Now we’re coming back in April, I’m determined to make the next one! Sounds like you all had a complete blast. Yay mummosphere!
    .-= Brit In Bosnia´s last blog ..Dear So and So: Bosnian Version Part VII =-.

    • admin says:

      Maybe we could do a houseswap for Easter! From your blog I am sure we could whip up a storm there and they’d be glad to have you back and wave bye bye to the Minxes x

  2. he he he, spot on!
    .-= A Modern Mother´s last blog ..It’s hard not to be interested in science when… =-.

  3. Claire says:

    It was lovely to see you too- have to say, at the same time as wondering why the meerkats didn’t scarper in doors, one has also to wonder why we didn’t too?!

    And definitely like the spa idea for the next one, am currently brainstorming how we could get a company to sponsor us?
    .-= Claire´s last blog ..SPECIAL REPORT: Parents Evenings-Do you Know How Your Childs Doing? =-.

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