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Dear Father Christmas…
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It’s been a long year and I know I haven’t written to you since I was about ten, but I promise, I still believe in you.

I know I’ve been on the naughty list for quite some time but this year I think I deserve a place on the nice list.

I honestly haven’t had a single hangover this year just lots of them, I’ve given up giving up smoking, I have not used foul language unless completely necessary and I’ve kept up my gym membership even though I’ve only been once since August.

So, I’m really not asking you for that much – just a few little things that would make my Christmas a much better one:

Would you mind leaving a few footprints by the tree this year and not leaving your mince pies behind? It’s just shocking that my nine year old is beginning to think that I leave the presents and she knows I don’t like mince pies.

I really need you to back me up on this one – I’ve told my daughter puppies are banned from the sleigh because they might fall out and hit someone on the head so she’s definitely not allowed to put one on her Christmas list

Would it be at all possible to make sure that all the toys have batteries included so we don’t end up with tantrums and sulks?

Can you make sure you knock back that bottle of brandy at the back of my drinks cabinet, otherwise, I’m sure it will be guzzled by someone other than my daughter…

I’d also like to have a few spare pressies left around the tree for unexpected visitors – nothing too pricey mind but it would be convenient to have a few parcels stashed away just in case

You never ever ever made it snow – is that possible?  Just a teensy-weensy few snowflakes wouldn’t go amiss please

If at all possible, a handy little windfall on my lottery ticket would make Christmas really sparkle?

Oh and one final thing – I’m not sure how you feel about regifting but it’s all the rage in these credit crunched times so it would be super handy if you left a list of who gave us what so I don’t give the present back to the same person on any given occasion such as birthdays/anniversaries/etc. It can be so embarassing for both parties – and present ping pong can begin to get vicious, just ask my sister

Thanks so much

You know where we live x

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5 Comments to “Dear Father Christmas…”

  1. Very funny! Do you think Santa is really that magic! I’m with you on the present-ping-pong request. It’s soooo confusing :o )
    .-= rachel pattisson´s last blog ..Awards Time! =-.

  2. Vic says:

    I’ll take the brandy if Santa doesn’t – will be round a few hours after I’ve popped!
    .-= Vic´s last blog ..Managed Learning Environment =-.

  3. A definite must to leave the puppy off Santa’s list, they don’t half hurt when they knock you on the head. And I love your list to Santa. I think all parents should be allowed at least five things.

    CJ xx

  4. LOL – You surely deserve to have everything you’ve asked because I bet you’ve made the man in the red suit laugh. Well, I’m rolling on the floor in creases, so he must be. :-D x
    .-= Almost Mrs Average´s last blog ..A Recycled Christmas Carnival =-.

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