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This image might look a bit familiar – it’s not quite the original from my banner. Those are my almost but not quite really all time favourite Miu Miu shoes and my daughter’s gorgeous tiny red ballet shoes which I hand sewed sequins on for her when she was three.

And there they are, large as life, sitting on my kitchen table posing away for the camera – I never knew it would take so many shots to get the right ‘one’. As I sifted through the shots I’d taken, it took me ages to choose which one to go with and of course, I tinkered with a lot bit before I got it to fit!

You may wonder where this is heading (pardon the pun)…and don’t worry, I’m not experiencing another fit of nostalgia (I’m saving that for my Happy Go Lucky Year in the Mumsphere stories)…well it’s all more about the painstaking method of picking and choosing the right thing for you.

I blog here because I love it and I feel at home here and so the thought of making it a more commercial venture has never really been on my mind. Until recently. I found out about a really cool collective which screamed and pouted the seductive word ’boutique’ at me when I checked out its site. I happily signed up to join the blog network and was expecting it to happen early next year. Today I’ve had a lovely and quite unexpected Christmas pressie today by being listed already and you can now find me on handpicked alongside all the other fabulous blogs I have got to know this year, and more.

If you are a keen reader of blogs, do drop by and have a look around handpicked – there are some great reads there and a good mix of fashion, urban lifestyle and parenting. If you’re a beauty queen, there are some truly brilliant ‘insider’ blogs – they’re always my favourites – plus for a restaurant and London junkie like me, there’s Hardens and the Londonist too.

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