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The new range of Ecover eco-surfactants goes a lot further than the older products – they have a bit more ‘muscle’. There’s a crazy story behind the creation of this eco-surfactant, apparently it was the discovery of yeast in a bee’s nest – are there no lengths these tree huggers won’t go to to save the planet?

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Last Sunday Miniminx and I had the privilege of being invited to the celebrity preview screening of the new Disney Movie, The Princess and the Frog. It was at the fine and dandy Mayfair Hotel in town which is very swish and glam, and famous for it’s famous guests. It is gorgeous hotel, and the […]

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They call it social media for a reason. Scampering around the blogosphere is all well and good but it’s boring and one dimensional if it doesn’t have any bearing on reality. Who wants to sit staring at a computer all day – you may as well have a real job! Curious soul that I am, […]

Living and working in London and bringing up a child in one of the most cultural capitals of the world is a rich and rewarding experience. There’s no way you can really slow down unless you leave town for the weekend or take a holiday, so my advice is just enjoy the ride. If you’re a working Mum like me and need to be firing on all cylinders 100% 24-7, you might find these ideas useful.

Hello snowdrops! I spent nearly three hours walking round Kew last Sunday in search of these wonderful little flowers. For me they are the first sign that Winter is on it’s way out.

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Today UK bloggers have joined forces to create awareness and raise funds for Haiti following the disastrous earthquake there recently. Like all of us who are feeling helpless in the face of this disaster, the question is, how is it possible to help? We can all do things as individuals to make a difference, I […]

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Watching 3-d movies these days is a bit like being at a firework display. You never know what is going to jump out and explode at any given moment. Even funnier is the audience, just one look round and you’ll see a bunch of nerdy people gawping through Joe 90 glasses and making strange noises…

There’s a well worn phrase which was pretty popular back in the day…’Behind every successful man there’s a woman/wife at home…’ And when I say back in the day, it’s probably back in the day when men thought they could still get away with saying it. Because it really is an old fashioned belief. Now […]

I feel truly awful about this…and it serves me right. I signed up for London Bloggers Secret Santa and I was hoping for a great present. That said, I had a bit of an evil moment while shopping online for a present for my ex boyfriend. He’s a big Elvis fan, which makes present buying […]

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I took this the other day will my new zoom lens, I’m getting a bit niftier at this photo lark I think…nice huh? Here’s another one… Oh, and one last one…

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Here’s one for the Rubbish Diet carnival.  It’s basically about incontinent reindeer, how to make do with what you already have oh, and never buy wrapping paper again. For all of you with curious, bright children who want to know everything there is to know about the magic of Christmas Eve and the safe delivery […]

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2010 is the year I shall be encouraging everyone I know to be a bit more green. I have been trialling some simplehuman products for a while now. I have to say that I really like them. Rather a lot in fact. They are front loader recycling bins so I think they fill the green […]

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Wow, Father Christmas was moving in deeply mysterious ways this Christmas. He was testing my patience and attention to detail while putting Miniminx through her paces too. First there was a bit of a Spinal Tap moment with a Christmas present mishap. After our trip to the Zoo for the BMB get together, we were […]

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Sometimes, I’m lost for words. Can you imagine your baby telling you to have a cigarette? Is this image pester power at it’s very worst do you think? Children are always puzzled by adults smoking. It’s a surreal habit as illustrated by the amazing David Lynch cigarette ad below, I just hope I can kick […]

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