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green living: simplehuman recycling solution 9/10
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2010 is the year I shall be encouraging everyone I know to be a bit more green.

I have been trialling some simplehuman products for a while now. I have to say that I really like them. Rather a lot in fact. They are front loader recycling bins so I think they fill the green living category pretty well too. It may seem funny that the whole product category is called ‘recycling solutions’ but if you live where I do, you’ll know it’s not much of a joke and also understand how much you need them.

Last year our local council delivered us colour coded packaging for our rubbish which is collected on different weeks. So we have to sort food, gardening, plastic, paper (not boxes, you get a tag on your rubbish if you put boxes in the paper bag), bottles and then leave the rest in the old fashioned bin.

It’s been really stressful.

In an effort to make my recycling shabby chic if not chic, I had three white rattan baskets for paper, bottles and plastic. They got nicked by the rubbish collectors. So I went to Ikea and bought aluminium boxes and annoyingly, one of those got stolen too. The thing about sorting your rubbish when you have so many things to put it in is that it leads you a merry dance around the place. So if you don’t have the equipment in place to help, it can put you off the whole thing.

This has been quite lengthy product try out – I wanted to make sure these products were worthy of a review and I had time to try them out properly. Well, now I most definitely have. Here they are in situ. Rubbish supplied by me, artwork on the blackboard by Miniminx.


Style – very utilitiarian and ergonomic, goes well with both town and country kitchen and I’ve even had a few compliments on them
Ease of use – excellent. I love the dial on the lid of the box unit which you can flip round to display Paper or Plastic or Glass for example. This graphic has made life extremely easy for me and Miniminx has no excuses for missing out boxes, in fact she thoroughly enjoys recycling, it’s second nature.

Substance – They look good, and they’re pretty bulky with a large capacity so they don’t save space exactly but I only empty my recycycle bins once a fortnight now which is great. Our local council collects plastics every other week so it means my bin is not overflowing.

The lids also work really well. There’s a round hole you can shove stuff through, or lift that up as a flap, or for larger items, you can lift the whole lid up. However, to do that you can’t stack them, they need to be in a row.

The good news, there aren’t really any. It’s up to you how many of these you think you need. I plumped for four, just like the marketing photo. I didn’t expect them to be so big and thought that four would fit in my shelving unit but it could only fit three.

Out of 10
I am going to give them a 9/10.

They’re around £24.99 from simplehuman and retailers like Argos and John Lewis.

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2 Comments to “green living: simplehuman recycling solution 9/10”

  1. Vic says:

    I don’t understand why councils have to make it so complicated for people to recycle. Our will take virtually anything and everything, all mixed up in one box, and it makes it so much easier, meaning even the boys are more inclined to recycle.

    • admin says:

      Wow that’s good. They don’t ask us to separate out tins though or foil which makes me wonder where it all goes. In fact, our local boroughs have been subject to the landfill / recycling scandals of recent years. It’s all a bit worrying.

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