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instant karma…London Bloggers Secret Santa
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I feel truly awful about this…and it serves me right.

I signed up for London Bloggers Secret Santa and I was hoping for a great present.

That said, I had a bit of an evil moment while shopping online for a present for my ex boyfriend. He’s a big Elvis fan, which makes present buying easy, and also easy to be ironic, so Miniminx and I loved the idea of this particular gift.

He took it as a gift with a silent ‘f’ and was just a tiny bit, well a minute bit offended. I received my gift from him ‘orange flower’ Bliss body scrub and felt I had received my dose of instant karma – I’m have an allergy to orange…we’re obviously better off apart!!

Then I received my London Bloggers Secret Santa – or should I say double dose of instant Karma?!

So effuse apologies to my ex boyfriend. Maybe we’re a match made in heaven after all? Who knows.

Whoever it was that sent me my present, you’ll be pleased to know it did go under our Christmas tree and when opened was received with quite a giggle. Only a few weeks before, we’d bought the very same thing for someone else. My daughter’s 10 year old school friend had a birthday party recently and we gave her this wig as a present. Everyone went wild over it and I even got a text on Christmas day to say it had done the rounds again.

Ok, ok, I wore it once, twice, maybe more over Christmas…

And then, to the person who I did my London Bloggers Secret Santa – I hope you loved the gift. It was in my mind, a pretty cool one. Sadly there was some confusion over your address on Amazon – I had one address, and it gave me another, so I took a chance and couriered it over to you so I hope you got it anyway and happy 2010 xoxoxox

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