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the wonders of 3-d – Toy Story 2 preview
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Watching 3-d movies these days is a bit like being at a firework display. You never know what is going to jump out and explode at any given moment. Even funnier is the audience, just one look round and you’ll see a bunch of nerdy people gawping through Joe 90 glasses and making strange noises…


And that’s half the fun of it really. 3-d has definitely come a long way in the last few years. I’ve not yet seen Avatar as it’s a bit too old for my daughter but I did jump at the chance of seeing Toy Story 2 because all those new style animations are classics.

I adore Pixar movies and it’s a genre I’m particularly fond of because most of the films began to come out around the time Miniminx was born so she’s grown up with them and because they are so engaging they definitely have enough going on to entertain an adult audience too.

As you can see we rather enjoyed wearing the goofy glasses – they were much better than the ones we wore to watch Monsters v Aliens last year. They are clearer and don’t have that ridged effect. Anyway, I digress…

One of the great things about being a parent is that you can go to each and every single kids movie that comes out without a hint of embarrassment or crassness. I was desperate to see The Incredibles for months before it came out and I simply shrieked the whole way through Shrek II – yes, I’m a big kid at heart, especially when it comes to these very clever and hyper real animations.

The most amazing thing about watching Toy Story 2 in 3-d is the depth of vision that you get. At the beginning of the story Woody goes to the Yard Sale with Andy’s dog – it looks almost real. The thing I really like as well is that it’s not gimmicky because the film was successful as a traditional 2-d movie.

Now, when’s Monsters Inc. coming out on 3-d please?

Thanks to Disney for inviting us to the preview x

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  1. So agree about being able to go to kids movies and not bother about embarrassment, the joys of having kids I guess. Thing is we can’t get into 3d glasses, they won’t stay on properly!

    CJ xx
    .-= Crystal Jigsaw´s last blog ..Are you a Twit? =-.

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