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If you love planting seeds and getting your own garden thing going, you’ll know the dilemma of little peat pots – are they environmentally friendly, do they work and are they worth the money? You can put those questions aside now – here’s a really great way to set your seedlings off to a good […]

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I was sent a preview copy of the movie Motherhood which I watched the other night and wished I’d watched it with a group of Mums, and Mums who blog too. There are some priceless moments in there that will resonate with a lot of you. Uma Thurman plays the central character, Eliza Welch, she […]

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Magical powers, super hero tendencies, genius IQ, perfect teeth, perfect pitch, small feet, a button nose – what is the one gift you want your daughter to have? It’s the countdown to my daughter’s birthday and on March 1 Miniminx will reach double figures. That’s a whopping 10 whole years on the planet. It’s quite […]

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The BBC covered this new video aimed at teenage girls suffering boyfriend abuse. It’s a shocker but I’m not surprised and I would like to spread the word. But sadly I can’t find it on youtube or search. Maybe it will take some time. It makes me feel very upset that no matter what anyone […]

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No, I haven’t met Prince Charming. And I haven’t kissed any frogs. I just got a little delivery this morning. It’s a light, a very cute and gorgeous light and it’s White Rabbit, I just had to have it… Well, this is going to be the year of Alice in Wonderland isn’t it? And all […]

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Did someone mix up the three letter acronym and get it disastrously wrong? Do you think they wanted SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) and not JSP (Janet Street Porter)? How wrong can you get it. If you were organising an event for Mums why would you invite Janet Street Porter? She is the driving force behind […]

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Our children are growing up in a society that has banned smoking almost everywhere. The hardened smoker is on the run and that includes me. I’ve quit the evil weed, and this time it’s for good. Smoking was stylish and cool When I used to come home from school I would have a coffee and […]

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If you’ve ever felt stuck and unable to tap into any vein or train of thought you’ll know how horrible it is. And equally bad is if you have so many ideas – a glut in fact – that you feel that you can’t even being to start because it’s all so overwhelming. I have and frequently. In fact this blog post is one of those ‘ideas’ I had but could not quite articulate properly so it sat in a creative dark cloud above my head and has followed me round for weeks if not months.

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These are all on my wish list for 2010 – who can resist Philippe Starck design, especially with a soupcon of Missoni thrown in? I’m a huge fan of black and white decor, it’s always fresh and classic plus it responds well to the odd dash of colour like a vibrant pillar box red or […]

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I have a peculiar habit. I spend hours in greetings card shops. And I spend that time with my shoulders heaving, madly watering eyes and laughing outrageously but quietly, my hand over mouth. I can’t help it, but I know I’m not alone. I have now discovered the source of much of this mirth is […]

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