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How do you get your blogging fix?
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I’ve been longing to ask this question for ages. It’s about you and blogging, I want to know how and when you write and why do you do it?


Are you sitting comfortably? Are you tapping into your blackberry on the way to the office? Or are you sitting on a tree stump in the middle of the forest?

Funny question isn’t it but it’s also a good one if you’re trying to tap into your creative process and what makes you tick as a writer blogger.

I write all over the place and I can’t stop doing it. Like many other Mummy bloggers, Linda Jones, Sally Whittle and Liz Jarvis, words are my living, but blogging for me is my personal space and exercise yard for writing. It’s also a very solitary pursuit so as a busy working Mum it can be difficult to find time, but I always try to.

When I was a painter, I would have a ritual of cleaning and tidying before I would even start. That is what psychologists call displacement, for me it’s a process. If you’ve ever felt stuck and unable to tap into any vein or train of thought you’ll know how horrible it is. And equally bad is if you have so many ideas – a glut in fact – that you feel that you can’t even being to start writing because it’s all so overwhelming. I have experienced both of these states and frequently.

How do you stop the rot, or the block, or failure to nurture your inner creativity?
Is blogging your tool?
Are you only going to do it for a while?
Is it part of your very soul?

Maternal Tales recently posted some interesting stats on her 365 days post about the short life of most blogs. One of my favourites WorldFoodieGuide stopped just before Christmas – such a brilliant body of work and a very emotional last post too which sums up very eloquently her feelings about stopping. And of course, there’s the Julie/Julia project the 365 day cathartic endeavour into cooking which has now become a successful Hollywood film – need I say more?

Maybe like musicians and authors, some people just have the ‘one’ blog in them that runs it’s course and is completed. Others like me just write for the hell of it.

Sometimes I lose momentum but it’s part of the peaks and slumps of life and I just love to write. I still get stuck and unstuck, I can lose hours to writing as time passes so quickly.

When and where?

Where I’m sitting sometimes dictates the style and content of my work…

Sometimes, if I’m writing, I might be perched uncomfortably on my chaise longue – because of the way I’m posed I write quickly, punchily and wittily.

In the evening, I tend to sit with my legs up on my old Chesterfield sofa, laptop perched on my knees and the tv on for background noise. That’s when I can stay up writing as late as I like with no interruptions.

For the most part and in the daytime, I’m sat at my kitchen table – it’s round and white and I often take the same approach as with painting – I have to clean and declutter before I can start working – but that’s easy in a functional room. It’s also very light and quite like a studio and also my favourite place in the house. I can look out into the garden and have easy access to constant caffeine!

Sunday morning is also a great time to write for me, it’s the lovely time of the week where life has slowed down completely, the noise and clutter of the week has subdued and I can actually think.

And let’s not forget that deadline feeling – usually when I’m rushing out the door to pick up Miniminx and I just need to get the blasted thing finished, then it’s more a case of standing up, hands on the keyboard, body in the direction of the front door!

So how do you get your blogging fix?

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18 Comments to “How do you get your blogging fix?”

  1. I probably spend too much time blogging and not enough time actually writing. But my fix of blogging often gives me inspiration for the wip so it’s not a bad thing.

    Day or night, I read blogs; doesn’t matter where I am, I just like to keep on top of it.

    My name is Kathryn Brown, and I am a blogoholic.

    CJ xx
    .-= Crystal Jigsaw´s last blog ..Clarty Farm =-.

  2. Paparazzimum says:

    My favourite time to blog is late in the evening once the little one has gone to bed. My partner often works nights (he’s in the pub trade) so if I’m home alone I find it a nice way to wind down for the day.

  3. For me its after the kids are in bed while Daddy watches Top Gear repeats over and over – I have no child-free time in the day as both are pre-school and post-naps! Often the inspiration has gone by evening though – I have most ideas in the shower in the morning!
    .-= Natural Mummy´s last blog ..Should I Stay or Should I Go? =-.

  4. Since I started blogging in Feb 2009 I can’t seem to stop. It’s totally addictive – I love the immediacy of it. I tend to blog after the school run, sometimes again during the day, sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays too, particularly if there’s something I’ve seen in the press which has made me ANGRY or I think is relevant to mums. I sit at my laptop in the dining room with a view of the garden and the TV on in the background (I’m not very good with silence).
    .-= Liz (LivingwithKids)´s last blog ..Would you have a mummy tummy tuck, or any other cosmetic surgery? =-.

  5. At my desk, often when I should be doing something else. Sometimes I find the blog has come into my head and the only way I can dislodge it is by writing it down.
    .-= Ellen Arnison´s last blog ..My name in Lego, a happy box and a three-way split =-.

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  7. Linda says:

    Hello, for me it totally depends, I started my blog back in 2006 and have had breaks that have lasted weeks and weeks, I’ve incorporated blogging into work to an extent and am in a some would say strange and some would say very lucky position of being able to blog at work, and be able to defend this to anyone who reckons it’s a waste of time. Over the years I’ve worked on various blogs and I cannot tell you how pleased I am that blogging has come more to the fore and to be able to spend work time doing it. I blog on Got Your Hands Full as and when I want but do aim to have regular posts but for our site I do that in the office and my colleagues are also now writing and editing for it, which is such a sense of achievement for me as you can imagine, I hope that doesn’t sound immodest. I’ve also very recently set up a blog for people who want to recount experiences of mental health problems at and I will post regularly on this too at work as this has grown out of a working relationship but one that I am really passionate about, if that is not too much of a cliche.

    But apart from that I do feel comfortable now admitting I feel like I have to write and um gulp, poems and short stories have started to appear on my blog – my God that was frightening! But it has been lovely to see the encouraging feedback and the new community at Judith’s Room has really helped.

    I’ve always seen your blog as really classy and sassy, thanks for such an interesting post – and bit kiss to you xx
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..Who can you do an impression of? =-.

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  9. MuddynoSugar says:

    Usually on the sofa,sometimes in bed, ideally in silence when there is nobody else around, so whenever kids in bed and husband doing something else..
    Blogging has got me writing again, which I had lost my confidence in.
    .-= MuddynoSugar´s last blog ..Year of the Tiger =-.

  10. Blogging is my way of disciplining myself and trying out different styles of writing/blog posts. I write in the 10 minutes before I start my real job, in my lunch break, in the evening when procrastinating around my study time and I’m always scribbling down ideas to be turned into articles/blog posts/short stories. It’s relentless.
    .-= Nickie @ Typecast´s last blog ..Childhood memories that make me smile =-.

  11. Susie says:

    I just started blogging last week. I started because I feel I have insights and thoughts I want to share with the world. I am hoping to keep it up on a daily basis because I am blogging about the lessons we learn each day from things that happen in our life.

    I am hoping I get more into a routine and it doesn’t take up as much time as it has been. I have been getting the hang of all the technical details and it has been time consuming. (mounds of laundry waiting to be done, house a bomb site..)

    I have been blogging mostly on the couch or kitchen table, but would like to set up some kind of desk for myself.
    .-= Susie´s last blog ..The World is Round & What Goes Around Comes Around =-.

    • admin says:

      You chose the same wordpress template I chose for my first blog just over a year ago. I think you’ll find you blog a lot and then find your voice, I think the couch and ktichen table work really well x

  12. Susie says:

    P.S. I love your picture at the top of the post! So want to go sit there and escape a bit!
    .-= Susie´s last blog ..The World is Round & What Goes Around Comes Around =-.

    • admin says:

      Well if you really want to know, I took that myself in Kew Gardens just last month so while it looks a bit tropical, it’s not so far away x

  13. EmmaK says:

    Yeah I think it is part of my soul. I tried to be a novelist but it is too lonely and isolating. So I prefer to blog…I love the interactive nature of it and always get a high from getting comments etc. It has also made me feel less isolated and has cheered me up no end. I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere. In the end I wrote a non fiction book parenting book with a pal but it is short sharp humourous bursts ……like a blog!

    • admin says:

      Well done you! And hello too, it’s interesting you say that because I found loneliness painting and blogging plays to my introverted and social sides

  14. Paige Price says:

    Are they not going to change the cast of Sex and The City ? the girls in there are getting old already.~*:

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