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Janet Street Porter gives Mumsnet a Glasgow Kiss on Valentines' Day
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Did someone mix up the three letter acronym and get it disastrously wrong?

Do you think they wanted SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) and not JSP (Janet Street Porter)?

How wrong can you get it.

If you were organising an event for Mums why would you invite Janet Street Porter?

She is the driving force behind the youth tv invasion of the 80s, she’s written a best seller about her dysfunctional relationship with her own Mother, she is a design lover and avid walker but one thing she is not is a natural Mother – and funnily enough, she is aware of this and has been her whole life.


She is not a politician either and she is not on the election trail – I could go on for ages, but someone somewhere is going to have a real earbashing today following the hoo-ha that’s been the Valentines’ Day Glasgow Kiss from JSP – and that’s definitely not Jessica Sarah Parker…

Mumsnet towers while grateful for the added publicity, will be seething with rage today. There’s also a bit of a pop at them at The Times saying that they are bullies – the mind boggles.

Their party is at Google – which is known for it’s ubiquitous online advertising – the ladies’ loos have ads in the cubicles at two different levels, one for sitting and one for standing. Makes you wonder.

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2 Comments to “Janet Street Porter gives Mumsnet a Glasgow Kiss on Valentines' Day”

  1. Heather says:

    it is all a bit odd, isn’t it? To be honest none of it is making me want to go and join mumsnet, not that they’re probably weeping over that, but I can’t be the only one.

    • admin says:

      Yes it is but I relish it at the same time because it’s a conversation starter and Mumsnet has even got the men in my office talking recently on the matter of the election so that’s great. I joined it when it started but I’ve always found the acronyms off putting and when David Cameron first went on I felt it was just a tory WI outlet but it isn’t and I think they have got something good going on – womens rights, especially Mums are so small and we’re so battered by the media that I’d rather Mumsnet got the coverage than say, John Terry or Ashley Cole’s kiss and tells… you should definitely check it out H, x

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