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If you could give your daughter one gift what would it be?
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Magical powers, super hero tendencies, genius IQ, perfect teeth, perfect pitch, small feet, a button nose – what is the one gift you want your daughter to have?

It’s the countdown to my daughter’s birthday and on March 1 Miniminx will reach double figures. That’s a whopping 10 whole years on the planet.


It’s quite a milestone and an unexpected one too. I had expected this feeling when she became a teenager and not so soon. But we all know, each year brings new challenges and adventures and there’s always such a great sense of wonder about all potential of this little ball of energy growing up in front of our eyes. So there it is, the first decade is really such an achievement, especially when I think forward. I may try to imagine what the next ten years will hold for her but I also know that what’s coming is going to be fun and at times a white knuckle ride.


Time is both kaleidoscopic and telescopic in this instance and anything but still. I feel emotion well up as I recall the day of her birth and then there’s the intermingling and muddling of vivid memories with keepsakes; summer holidays, the first tooth falling out, starting to walk, funny things said, sad things experienced, ballet, snorkelling, being ill, laughing together, a broken arm, tiny trainers, golden locks of hair. A cherished life can be overwhelming if pondered over for too long, better to live for the moment I think but birthdays do afford some timely reflection.

For the first time today I thought that one day we would be sitting in a pub together sharing a drink, that my baby will become an adult. It didn’t scare me, I could almost see it as I walked past a cosy pub near our home.

And my gift?

She’s a Leaper – that’s a leap year day baby. We don’t bring her birthday forward to February 28, instead we defer to March 1, unless of course it’s in the right year. Some may say she is actually only going to be two and a half this year and she herself has often written off ghastly behaviour claiming that she’s ‘only 2 or so years old’. I might use this ‘fun’ little calculation myself when the time suits!

Remember this though, Miniminx will be a spritely 10 years old in 2040 – some might say she has all the luck – so my gift to her by giving birth on February 29? Well it’s eternal youth of course.

How lucky she is.

Now ladies – what’s yours?

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12 Comments to “If you could give your daughter one gift what would it be?”

  1. mothership says:

    Happy birthday to her! I’m a leap year baby, too.
    My parents always argued over whether my birthday should be the 28th Feb or the 1st of March so I made it easy for them by celebrating on both days. When it’s actually a leap year I feel a little bit let down that there’s only one..
    .-= mothership´s last blog ..Wholeheartedness =-.

    • admin says:

      Oh my goodness me, I’d better not let her read your comment then! …and now I know why you also look so bloody young too, he he he he! Just saw the exerpt of your post on facebook so will pop along for a read

  2. Happy Birthday MiniMinx!

    If I could give Els just one thing it would be total self-acceptance. Particualrly when it comes to physical appearance. There’s not one woman I know who feels 100% happy and confident with the way she looks. And I know a lot of gorgeous women.

    I’m not yet sure how to bestow this gift upon her. I always tell her she’s beautiful, but I’m not sure this is enough to counteract the societal pressure on females to be perfect..any ideas?
    .-= Part Mummy Part Me´s last blog ..Juggling Baby, Money, Time and Happiness =-.

    • admin says:

      Oh, how about blinkers and ear muffs? But seriously, I suppose it’s all about reassuring girls as they grow up about changes in self perception and confidence without wrapping them in too much cotton wool x

  3. Heather says:

    I think empathy would be a good one – especially at the moment when she keeps clobbering her brother with anything she can get her hands on.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..What Do You think Of Vlogging? =-.

  4. Susie says:

    I would definitely give her hands down without thinking twice high self esteem.
    .-= Susie´s last blog ..Dress for Yourself =-.

  5. Iota says:

    Hm. Good question. How about “an easy-going personality”? I know I’ve spent too much emotional energy over the years on things, and have often admired people who can go with the flow.

  6. grit says:

    lovely date for a birthday, and truly special. the right idea too. for shark i give tolerance, for squirrel i bestow success, and for tiger, self confidence. thank you, and many happy birthdays to miniminx!
    .-= grit´s last blog ..I may be defeated, but I am never giving in =-.

  7. writeonmum says:

    Hiya Nixdminx! My biggest gift to my Little Angel – who is also coming up double digits – would be…perfect health, always. As my dear old nan used to say, “if you’ve got health, you’ve got wealth” Well said nan! x

  8. writeonmum says:

    Ooh and forgot about the older one…for Mean Teen, the gift I give her would be…a teenage daughter just as stroppy as she is! Ha! But strops aside, I do hope both my girls have the gift of fertility (if they choose to be mums one day.)

    • admin says:

      Ha ha that’s funny – my Mum gave me a miniature version of herself that skipped a generation; my daughter even dances like my Mum it’s so weird!! Fertility, now that’s a real earth mother gift! x

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