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We’ve discussed puberty and body changes, and I’ve tried to have the ‘period’ talk, but brandishing a box of Lillets and complaining about the rigors of PMT is not really going to answer her questions. Perusing the shelves of my favourite bookshop in Kew on Saturday, I hit parenting gold. I found this book:

I love photography and I’ve been looking for the right image to blow up and put at the end of my bed as a meditation. This is the one I have chosen, it’s beautiful to me because it draws me into the blue water and makes me drift off somewhere else. In the shallow glistening water, tiny fish dart around and the sun hitting the ripples creates a prismic effect. Happy memories of laughter, new experiences (snorkelling with Miniminx), sunshine, relaxation and lazing on the beach are all wrapped in this image. Plus it’s divinely serene.

Now fess up, ladies, we all like a splurge on girlie goodies now and then don’t we? I love a bit of luxury but I wouldn’t say I spend as much as £24,000 per year like some. Neither would I say it’s a feminist principle to pamper or not, it’s just about feeling good and […]

Mothers’ Day is so lovely. When I was 21, I was so skint, I couldn’t afford the train fare to my Mum’s house. I walked the whole way, nicked some daffs and made a card, then turned up late but jolly and was greeted warmly with a knowing smile from my Mum. Yep, I was […]

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If letting children loose in the kitchen is your idea of a nightmare, you need to think again. Helping them to make dishes for themselves is a great way to spend time together and makes mealtime much more interesting. It’s also a really important life skill and I’m always grateful to my Mother for teaching me the basics of cooking (even though I can never look a rock bun in the face again!).

It’s not often you get to spend the morning with a room full of celebrity chefs and nutritionists who are all geared towards helping children eat better. In fact it’s a luxury I could not turn down. Frazzled and bombarded by daily media outcries about obese Britain, us Mums can’t do right for doing wrong […]

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In primary school, I see teachers chasing Ofsted and I’m disillusioned and worried that my daughter will not reach her full potential. I know that several parents are paying for tuition to help their children get along, coincidentally, their children are also in the athletic squad. Am I not being pushy enough I ask myself. Is there some invisible membership I don’t belong to?

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To my gorgeous baby, you’re going to be 10 years old today!! I am so excited about this because I remember New Year’s Eve 1999 and you were there with me but not yet born… I know you couldn’t bear me to get all teary-eyed and nostalgic but I can’t help myself… I think this […]

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