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Space NK versus Avon – discuss

Now fess up, ladies, we all like a splurge on girlie goodies now and then don’t we?

I love a bit of luxury but I wouldn’t say I spend as much as £24,000 per year like some. Neither would I say it’s a feminist principle to pamper or not, it’s just about feeling good and having your favourite products. For me it’s got to be a sumptuous pot of Laura Mercier body souffle, a gorgeously dressed bottle of Pucci perfume, or maybe some Rose handwash and even better a Morrocan rose bath soak. Whatever it is, it must be full of natural aromas and ingredients and packed with ingenious, life ehancing science that doesn’t harm the planet and makes me look and feel great.

What’s your favourite brand and would you consider up or downgrading? Are you a Boots No 7, Creme de la Mer, Mac, la Prairie, Khiels fan or all of the above? Or do you shop in the temples of beauty like Harvey Nichols or Boots?

I’ve loved Space NK for many years and been a slave to the gloss and glitter been able to get the best nail colour, the newest edgy brands, quality products and loads of great advice. While I’m obviously captivated, my loyalty is being tested… My latest splurge has left our household smelling of delicate flowers, I’m scrubbed and polished and Miniminx has had a heavenly milk bath soak before bed and will probably dream she is Cleopatra this evening.


I bought this body scrubber. It”s an Space NK one £18 (suspiciously like something I used to buy from the Bodyshop back in the day).

body scrub

And then I got this gorgeous body wash which is great for exfoliating and detoxing ropey old Winter skin.


I also bought some more Terry eyeliner – the best ever, ever, ever – it shimmers and sets and doesn’t fold or flake, try it. And some Dr Sebagh face wash (can’t live without it), Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil and cream blush. Well at least I thought I did.

I got home and the blusher was not in the bag. While I’d not been charged, I was really peeved. I’d planned a whole new look – and I wanted to try it out at home immediately, as you do. It’s not the first time I’ve felt so disappointed. Last weekend I dropped into Space NK Bournemouth and asked for a product and was told they did not have it, I felt affronted by the sniffy sales assistant – I was away from home and I had run out of cleanser and I needed it, I didn’t need to be laughed out of the shop. At Christmas I bought a fabulously glittery eyeshadow which I tried in the Covent Garden branch – only to find they had put the wrong one in the bag and when I got home and opened the packaging, it was navy and not the silver one I’d chosen. It’s still sitting unused in my make up box, I’ve not had the time to sort out a refund or exchange.

I’m wondering if I’ll keep spending my hard earned money there.

Why am I sharing all this?
I want something better.

If you’ve got as little time as I have but the desire to shop and nice things, why should it be so impossible?

I don’t want to go traipsing from branch to branch in search of a product, I want a really personalised service that fits around me and gets my product past the till and into my make up box. After all the money I’ve spent over the years, surely I deserve it.

So let’s look at Avon.

A friend of mine gave me some really gorgeous pyjamas the other day – they’re from shock horror Avon, they’re bloody great. Then I had an Avon catalogue dropped through my door the other day…I’ve put it outside on the windowsill but I might just grab it back in after my experience today. Another friend of mine texted me today to say she was thinking of joining up with Avon. Seems like everyone’s at it doesn’t it? I suppose after the credit crunch, we’re all in need of some extra cash.

It leaves me wondering first off; whose pocket do I want to line with my hard earned cash and second; if I’m going to make the change from a depersonalised service to something more community based.

I’m a busy working Mum who doesn’t have time to faff about and have to keep going in and out of shops, I want face to face yet convenient service. Imagine if that was in my home or round the corner at a friend’s house with a few other friends coming over for a glass of wine and a natter…if Avon products are good, I’ll give them a try.

Oh, that’s unless Space NK fancies popping round to mine … I’ll bring a few friends too, honest!

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3 Comments to “Space NK versus Avon – discuss”

  1. Potty Mummy says:

    Space NK parties? Now THERE’s an idea… (count me in, please. Something tells me that there might be something of a market for it over here!)
    .-= Potty Mummy´s last blog ..Driving me crazy… =-.

    • admin says:

      I love your stories from Russia – are you coming back as the Snow Queen to scare us and our children – all glamorous in fur coat and a set of huskies…. x

  2. Michelle says:

    Avon have amazing products, I just love them all…my partner is always complaining that I spend too much on Avon lol You can hardly see my dressing table for all of the products lol

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